Ponsness Warren 375C Du-O-Matic shotshell reloader for 12ga & 20ga 2-3/4

Ponsness Warren 375C Du-O-Matic shotshell reloader for 12ga & 20ga 2-3/4
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375C Du-O-Matic shotshell reloader for 12ga and 20ga 2-3/4"

Save $20 on this combination package with 12ga & 20ga tooling

If you shoot a 12ga and a 20ga, then this is the package for you. Change gauges on your PW 375C is less than 2 minutes. All you need to do is spin the toolhead 180 degrees and swap out the die and wad guide. No need to readjust, no need for any tools. It is that easy.

Ponsness/Warren doesn't make the cheapest reloaders on the market, but they do make some of the best. Our lab has been using the model 375 to load our test loads for as long as we've been in business. In fact, we still have the first one we ever bought.

P/W understands that many shooters need a shotshell reloader that is both versatile and affordable. This smooth operating single-stage reloader uses only high quality machined tooling, insuring that each shell is given that "new-out-of-the-box" tapered crimp for which Ponsness/Warren reloaders are known. This loader is almost free of stamped metal and plastic parts. This means that it lasts and that it is strong enough to produce great loads of great variety, from target to hunting and lead to any type of non-toxic shot.

We especially appreciate the versatility of this reloader. We reload every gauge and every length on 375C reloaders. You can load up to 150 rounds/hour of easy target loads or you can spend as much time on a single hunting load as you'd like. You can even remove the die during the loading process for inspection, roll crimping, etc. If you are looking for a better tool to do the job, then this is your reloader.

Includes powder bushings D, H and shot bushings #4, & #6.


  1. Extra large shot and powder tubes include baffles.
  2. Bushing access plug for easy bushing inspection and changes.
  3. Positive lock charging ring prevents accidental flow of powder.
  4. Machined double construction frame for greater structural strength.
  5. Removable spent primer tray.
  6. Built-in shot and powder baffles assure consistent metering of powder/shot.
  7. Tru-Star and Tru-Crimp assemblies apply great crimps.
  8. All-metal crimp starters are available for improved crimps on new hulls.
  9. Top-down taper crimping. (Special separate tapering tool on 10ga only)
  10. Toolhead can hold two gauges at once. Lock screws maintain exacting setup tolerances.
  11. Shot and powder drain system makes changes very easy.
  12. Trouble-free and easy tip-out wad guide fingers for all loads and wad combinations.
  13. Includes shot and powder baffles for even metering and flow.
  14. Positive full-length resizing die: shell fully resized and contained throughout the entire loading operation. 
  15. Sizing die is perfectly centered at each station by spring loaded ball-check bearing.
  16. Loads all types of shot (lead, steel, ITX, Hevi-Shot) without the need for a conversion kit
  17. Models available for reloading almost all shell gauges and lengths
  18. Large operating handle provides unmatched leverage.
  19. Durable powder coat finish
  20. Can be converted to other gauges with a 375 Tooling Kit (sold separately).
  21. Precision-machined parts

Product Type: 375C Du-O-Matic Reloader
Size: 12ga and 20ga 2-3/4"
Made in USA

Curmudgeon's Loading Tips:

Resizing, crimping and versatility: These are the three most important aspects of a reloader. This is why I really enjoy loading on the 375C. The more you load, the more you'll appreciate how well this reloader does the fundamental and most important things. If you are experience resistance when resizing hulls, try just a little bit of Mica Wad Slick on the brass and/or sizing die.

Already have a bunch of MEC Bushings? No problem! Just pick up the MEC Bushing Converter and use your MEC bushings with your Ponsness/Warren reloader.

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Product Reviews
"Over the past fifty plus years of reloading, I have had occasion to use most of the tools/presses on the market. Most will do the job to one degree or another. HOWEVER, I have owned and used the P-W tools; 2 each 375s, 1 600 series and one 800 series extensively and find them to be without peer. Rounds loaded on these tools will feed in ANY gun I've used and look like factory new. They accomplish this without the consternation that accompanies many other tools. I can honestly say you will never be sorry for acquiring a P-W unit."
- A. Lee Child, MT

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Great Loader 8/13/2021
I have used this model for years and still own it. I think it is one of the best shot shell loaders on the market. my shells look like they came from the factory and the consistency is excellent. I believe I bought my loader in the early seventies and would not ever think of buying another loader. I have used this loader when I was on a skeet team in competition and it has never failed me.
- Peter Krzywicki, CT
PW 375c is a great tool 3/18/2014
I purchased the PW 375c with the intent to obtain better quality 20g shotshells than my Lee Load All was providing. And, I enjoy fine quality tools--which the PW has provided. I sometimes go to my loading area just to look at it--then make a few shells to watch it work. I bought the model with both 12g and 20g dies--a wise decision. Changing back and forth is simple. I had NO problems loading 12g from the start. Great quality, few crooked crimps, and with the right wads no failures. I experienced difficulty with the 20 gauge feeding wads into the shell. After much frustration I discovered the spring area seemed to be stopping the wad from aligning with the shell. About one in four shells were damaged when inserting the wad, I pre-conditioned the shells using a 3/4 dowel with a pointed end--twisting it to enlarge and round out the shell opening. That helped. I also used more force on the wad guide mechanism, and with time that broke in and worked better. Still frustration though. Discussion in a forum brought out a $10 part from Ballistic Products that slipped over the the decapper--and that obviated the need for the dowel. This part expanded the shell crimp area allowing for easier insertion of the wad. After a few hundred rounds were loaded, and the PW smoothed out--broke in--and it is now cranking out shells with only an occasional problem; and these few problems are generally a result of my not paying attention or not being certain the wad segment is not going in to the inside of the ram. Five stars for quality, speed--I think 150 per hour can be achieved if I push a little; and just owning something that is well made. If you buy one, add the $10 expander with your order to make sure your dont have any problems with 20g. Otherwise--GO FOR IT~
- Ron Snowden, UT
a loader you can leave to your grand children 10/19/2013
i got my loader because i saw a guy on u-tube telling about the ease of use on both the 12 and 20 gage i have had a bunch of loaders bair,pacific,hornady,mec all nice units however the p/w is superior in craftmanship
- Tom Palmer, AL