Ponsness/Warren 375C Tooling Kit

Ponsness/Warren 375C Tooling Kit
Item Number: 16138
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Detailed Description

Tooling Kit for 375C Du-O-Matic shotshell reloader Complete gauge-change kit for the 375C single-stage reloader.

Select your gauge when ordering. Available gauges:

  • 10ga 3-1/2" (10ga only includes a Tooling Head & Metal 6-point Crimp Starter)
  • 12ga 2-3/4" (with Tru-Crimp 8-point Crimp Starter)
  • 16ga 2-3/4" (with Metal 6-point Crimp Starter)
  • 20ga 2-3/4" (with Tru-Crimp 8-point Crimp Starter)
  • 28ga 2-3/4" (with Metal 6-point Crimp Starter)
  • .410 2-1/2" (with Metal 6-point Crimp Starter)

If you intend to load shorter or longer (3" or 3-1/2") length shells in any of these gauges, you must also obtain the appropriate shell length conversion kit.

TOOLING HEAD NOTE: For ease of gauge changes our technical staff highly recommends purchasing an additional Tooling Head, which comes with the 10ga Tooling Kit.) This additional part makes for slick and quick gauge changes and it eliminates fine-tune adjustments every time you set up for a new gauge. Each tooling head can hold tooling for TWO gauges.


  • Finished Shell Knockout
  • Shot & Powder Drop Tube
  • Crimp Starter Assembly (*see above descriptions)
  • Final Crimp Assembly
  • Shell Seating Post
  • Taper-Crimp Sizing Die
  • Primer Punch
  • Wad Guide Fingers and Cup

Made in USA

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