Power Hull Skiver 20ga - .410

Power Hull Skiver 20ga - .410
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Detailed Description

Power Skiver for 20ga to .410
verb (used with object), skived, skiving. *(see Additional Images for picture)
  1. to shave, as upper interior side of the shotshell hull.
  2. to finish the turning of an object by feeding a (skiving) tool against it tangentially.

Machined from tough aircraft aluminum, our Power Skivers attach to your drill or drill press and make quick work of any hull skiving or hull reshaping job. Just a quick spin is all it takes to improve your crimp quality. This tool is Curmudgeon tested and approved. It is guaranteed to reduce stress.

We've put a deeper knurl in this product to improve the cutting function of the tool. It is now faster than ever.

Why skive?

Skived hulls are tapered at the very top of the crimp area. A proper skive tapers the hull at angle of approximately 45 degrees and extends downward 1/8" to 1/4". The process of skiving makes fold crimps much easier to complete and it makes them more effective. When combined with a Super Crown Crimp Starter, the skived hull yields a much more attractive and even fold crimp.

Unskived hulls (i.e., hulls that are NOT tapered at the top) are better for roll crimping. The additional material of an unskived hull produces a superior seal on a roll crimp.

Overshot Cards are necessary for a roll crimp and always improve the quality of a fold crimp. Our lab uses them in all our loads.

Click here to see an instruction sheet for how to use the Power Skiver

Power Skivers are available in two sizes:

Product Type: Tool, skiving
Application:  For unskived/tough hulls
Made in USA

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