Prairie Pheasants Manual, 1st ed.

Prairie Pheasants Manual, 1st ed.
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Curmudgeon's Prairie Pheasants Manual, 1st ed.
After more than fifty years of doing battle with the tough prairie pheasant, The Curmudgeon knows exactly what tools are necessary to tackle this daunting task. He shares his special loads and his secret battle plans in this entertaining and informative manual.
The prairie pheasant is indeed a hearty and clever bird. This bird outruns even the swiftest spaniel, crashes though the corn with the strongest of Labs, and even clever enough to spin the brains of the smartest Flatcoat; a worthy adversary for any shotshell load. Therefore, you had better bring your best to the field.
In The Prairie Pheasant, the Curmudgeon breaks it down by gauge, load, and even weather conditions in order to bag this bird. All the loads and ammo you need, ranging from 28-gauge on up to the 10-gauge are examined for potency and proper application. Join with the Curmudgeon for a wry romp in the wide open prairie, well populated with savage Green Beret birds, the mighty Prairie Pheasant.


  • Shotgun selection
  • Hand load and Factory load selection
  • About accessories
  • Load tweaking
  • Non-toxic solutions
  • 250+ loads, 10ga through 28ga

Product Type: Loading manual and application guide.
Length: 32 pages with load data section; over 250 loads from 10ga to 28ga.
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Printed in USA

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