Rio-209 Shotshell Primers (1000/box)

Rio-209 Shotshell Primers (1000/box)
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 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Rio-209 Shotshell Primers (1000/box)    

** Limit 20 boxes (20,000 primers) per order**      

Hurry!  When they're gone, they're gone

Packaged in boxes of 1000 and cases of 5,000 RIO209 primers provide positive ignition for a uniform and balanced powder burn in every application.

Part # 209 Primers Type & Use: Box/Case Diam.
#F616 Fiocchi 616 multi-purpose 209 1000/5000 0.243"
#RIO209 Rio 209 multi-purpose 209 1000/5000 0.245"
#CH209 Cheddite 209 multi-purpose 209 1000/5000 0.242"
#CCI CCI 209 small-bore & mild 1000/5000 0.240"
#CCIM CCI 209 Magnum magnum 209 uses 1000/5000 0.240"
#209A Federal 209A multi-purpose 209 1000/5000 0.241"
#R209 Remington STS multi-purpose 209 1000/5000 0.241"
#W209 Winchester 209 multi-purpose 209 1000/5000 0.242"


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Rio Primers are the Answer to Rio Hulls 4/10/2011
I shoot in a trap league with guys that buy nothing but Rio shells, therefore, i reload all Rio hulls. This is the ONLY primer for the job. A primer pocket tool will NOT bring the hole down to a smaller size for use with an american primer. Never had a missfire with Rios, out of over 10,000 rounds reloaded. I can only say that about one other brand - Federal.
cowboy fast draw 2/23/2011
these are the number one primer for cowboy fast draw
- hydehunter, CA

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