SG16S Sporting 16ga Short wads (250/bag)

SG16S Sporting 16ga Short wads (250/bag)
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SG16S Sporting Sixteen Short wad (250/bag)

By popular demand we've added the Sporting Sixteen Short wad to our stock line of 16ga wads. This wad is dimensionally the same as the original Sporting Sixteen except for the gas seal, which is open and concave. The result of this design difference means that powder fills the gas seal and the Sporting Sixteen Short wad sits about 3mm (about 1/8") lower than the original Sporting Sixteen. Sporting Sixteen Short is better for bulkier powders, heavier shot charges or large pellet sizes.

Now you have two different versions of the Sporting Sixteen for your favorite loads. This affordable wad allows you to shoot your sixteen more.

Identifying feature: Note six pegs that protrude down from the gas seal in a circular design (see image above).

Wad design: Tear-away petal design, G-ring crush section, and an exceptional gas seal, creating consistent and clean-burning loads. The Sporting 16 is recommended as a superior pheasant and dove wad.

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  • 18mm model
  • Gas Seal: .665" diameter
  • Gas seal depth: .241"
  • Shotcup depth: .655"
  • Overall Length: 1.440"
  • Shot level in cup: 3/4oz
  • Optimum range: 20-55 yards
  • Quick crossing and all short to mid-range shots

Product Type: Wad, Gualandi cal. 16 Super-G 18mm
Loading Data: see
The Sixteen Gauge Manual or Advantages
Size: 16-gauge
Typical Loads:
 3/4 to 1 oz lead
Made in Italy

Curmudgeon's Loading Tip: Use the X-Stream spreader insert for short-range loads for effective 16ga spreader loads. You can easily peel the petals off of the SG16 wad to create a 16ga Brush wad. (See picture of SG16 above right with petals removed and X-Stream stacked on top of remaining wad.)


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