SG20L Sporting 20ga Long wads (250/bag)

SG20L Sporting 20ga Long wads (250/bag)
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SG20L Sporting 20 Long wad (250/bag)

The SG20-L is an extended length wad designed to accommodate denser types of powders, smaller shot payloads and/or large capacity, straight-walled hulls.

The cushion section of the SG20-L is comprised of a large tubular reducer that accommodates many different load heights and offers excellent inertia absorption during the firing process. The SG20-L's distinctively long configuration makes it an excellent choice for fast 3/4-ounce loads. These light recoil loads are the perfect solution for recoil-sensitive shooters.

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  • Gas seal: Concave dome with distribution pins, .616" diameter
  • Overall length: 1.539"
  • Seal to cup bottom: .789"
  • Shotcup depth: .750"
  • Shotcup type: Reinforced & vented cup with tabs (2 slits)
  • Shot level in cup: 250 grains (#9 lead)



  • Optimum range: 20-50 yards
  • Mid-range utility loads
  • High-speed load production
  • Chasing and flushing shots on clays & game

Product Type: Wad
Size: 20-gauge
Typical Loads: 3/4 oz to 1 oz (20ga 3") lead shot loads

Made in Italy


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Gualandi SG20L Wad is Great for 3/4 ounce load in Federal Hull 9/16/2018
The Gualandi SG20L wad works very well with Alliant 20/28 powder in a Federal Top Gun hull. The larger diameter 20 gauge Gualandi wad fits the Federal Top Gun straight wall hull better than wads designed for a tapered hull.
James Skeel
Great wad 5/13/2017
A fantastic wad for use in 2 1/2 3/4 oz loads. It loads well and shoots well.
- Lou, NY

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