SRC 12ga wad (250/bag)

SRC 12ga wad (250/bag)
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SRC 12ga 1oz lead wad (250/bag)

The underside of the gas seal has 25 plastic teeth to strategically displace the propellant chamber, thus facilitating a controlled flame in low volume/fast burn powders. Three stage VZ-cage design reduces recoil with progressive compression during acceleration. This works like a crumple zone in high-end automotive design, cushioning setback.

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  • Gas Seal: Flat-head inset dome w/anti-migration powder ring .725"diameter, .230" thick
  • Overall length: 1.619"
  • Seal to cup bottom: .915"
  • Shotcup depth: .685"
  • Shotcup type: reinforced tear-away
  • Shot level in cup: 1oz
  • Optimum range: 30-60 yards
  • Long-range utlility loads, going away targets, rocket, battue, handicapped trap


Made in Italy

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Gday from Australia , I have several 2 1/2 chambered English guns & have been looking to develop a load that is gentle yet effective . I believe that I have found it in the BPI SRC wad . Im using Gamebore hulls with just under 17 gr of AS30N Hercules Red Dot, Fiochhi primer , & launching 24 grams of 7 1/2 shot . Shooting long range crossing tower targets at Sporting Clays is demolishing clays out to 50 metres with IC & Mod choked barrels . Recoil is negligible even with a timber buttplate . I intend to load & pattern some shells loaded with #5 shot . If as effective this will become my cartridge of choice for rabbit , phesants & duck . I agree with another review who stated not to push this wad through the wad guide fingers of the press . Rather use the BPI Spin Doctor to open up the case mouth & push the wad in with your fingers , then use the press to seat the wad . Happy shooting - Wingman
- John Sullivan, INT
BPs Little Secret 12/29/2010
During this winter I decided to use some of the time experimenting with different trap loads. I bought some wads from BP including the SRCs. I used an STS hull, 1 oz, Win. primer, 19.0 grains of Accurate Solo-1000, and this wad. The load is nothing short of unbelievable. At the 16 yard line it annihilates targets with regularity. I used the load all the way back to the 27 yard line. Even at that distance I was smokin targets. The only negative is the fact that they are pricey.
- MJ, CA
Now I See Why They Call it The Crusher 12/4/2010
In a trap shooters quest for that magic load I figured this winter would be as good as any to experiment around with different loads. Since BP has a reputation for specialty load recipes this is the website to be at. I bought their book High Performance Loads for Clays plus two different types of wads: the Short Range Crusher and the Trap Commander. For this wad I chose the following recipe: 12 ga., 2-3/4, STS hull, 1 oz of shot, Win. 209, Solo 1000, 19.0 grains. The closest bushing for my loader actually has an average drop of 19.19 grains. Since the book also has the same recipe with 19.5 grains I figured there shouldnt be any issues. None the less punching the numbers at 19.19 grains should yield these numbers: 7878 on the pressure and 1232 FPS. BP seems to be really big on the gas seal for obvious reasons, it equals results. I was using a single stage press and needed to be sure to ram the wad slowly. The seal is so tight you have to be sure the air in the hull is replaced slowly if you try to rush it its like trying to push the air out of sealed zip lock bag. Slow and easy and its not an issue, but it does slow down the reloading process. Out on the range this load is nothing short of unbelievable, this wad is appropriately named. I loaded 75 shells and shot three rounds, one at 16 yards, one at 22 yards, and one at 27 yards. These loads were annihilating the clays at all three yardages with no signs of letting up at the 27 yard line. the only two negatives I found with this wad are the speed at which I had to load and the price. None the less I am going to use the rest of them on registered targets and will most likely buy more specifically for that purpose.
- MJ, CA

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