SackUp Treated Gun Sock BP Logo (rifle/shotgun)

SackUp Treated Gun Sock BP Logo (rifle/shotgun)
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BP Logo Sack Up Gun Sock (rifle/shotgun)

For almost 25 years, Sack Ups has protected firearms against rust, dirt, and scratches. The unique cotton fabric is specially treated with oil and silicone to wick away moisture like no other product on the market. We endorse this product because it is an inexpensive way to protect your expensive guns from rust and storage damage. Moisture, whether it is from rain, snow, fog, saltwater, or even humidity, will start the rusting process within 24 hours of contact. Use the sock inside your gun bag, safe or cabinet. It's just good common sense.

Simple neglect is the cause of most firearms care and safety issues. This remarkable product can also withstand temperatures up to +300 degrees F and down to -300 degrees F without any damage to the firearms, creating a solid defense against the elements.


  • Made in USA
  • Embedded drawstring safely secures your gun
  • Elastic fabric easily fits around scopes and long gun accessories
  • 55" long

Proper Storage: Before cleaning, storing, or transporting firearms, be sure it is unloaded. Our safe and responsible use of guns is the best way to insure we continue to have our gun rights and the rights for future generations. Sack Ups and BPI are proud to be a part of assuring your firearms receive that proper care. Whether in the case, gun cabinet, or in the field, Sack Ups gives you that added confidence that your firearms will provide you with many more years of enjoyment.

When transporting guns from the field to home:

1. Wipe down all metal areas that come in contact with bare hands or moisture.

2. Secure gun inside Sack Up within travel case.

3. Travel home without worry of rust.

4. Clean gun in comfort of you own home.

Long-term storage:

Clean gun thoroughly and store safely inside Sack Up.


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