Slug Loading Manual, 10th edition

Slug Loading Manual, 10th edition
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Slug Loading Manual, 9th edition
The world's only loading guide dedicated completely to the shotgun slug shooter and handloader. Learn about the historical development, terminology, and designs of the world's most effective slugs.

Includes detailed instructions on loading slugs for customized performance. In-depth descriptions and tutorials on roll crimping, using the Hull Vise and other tools, and the optimal applications to maximize your slug performance.

  • 471 loads: combinations best suited to your shooting conditions and shotgun, smoothbore or rifled.
  • Numerous slug types are listed, described, and reviewed.
  • Applications and step-by-step loading instructions for each type and gauge.
  • Shotgun setup and options are also covered.
  • Full-color manual, 96 pages
  • The world's finest photography of slugs
  • Includes data for 10ga, 12ga, 16ga, 20ga, 28ga & .410

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Note: This data supersedes all previous published data.

Printed in USA


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*NOTE:  Some slugs pictured on the front cover are not available for handloading and have no accompanying data.


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no sabot slug data 12/21/2023
Im loading 525 grain sabot slugs. I bought this for data nothing in this book
The 525 grain sabot is from a Lyman slug mould. Even though it is not our product, we have developed new data for it. We are continually updating the Slug Manual and we are happy to provide new load data for our customers who buy our manuals. All it takes is a call to our customer service. However, we can't help people who leave anonymous reviews. We have no idea how to reach you.
--BP Lab
Very informative 12/13/2022
I have the 6th edition. Enjoy doing research in this manual very much. Relaxing read for sure. Got it mainly for making dgs.s now I see you offer the AO. Data for this slug not in this edition. Hoping it is in the 8th edition :
Not Very Useful For Those Reloading The Very Common Remington STS Hull 12/2/2018
Please keep in mind the reviews on this site may or may not reflect the actual Slug Loading & Field Application manual that you have or that is now listed here for sale on this site...last year I ordered the 6th edition of this manual and was item numbered 00MSLUG and when I came back to this site today I see their 7th edition of this manual is now available but being sold under the same item number of 00MSLUG. Now nnto the review...the price is reasonable and there is useful information within this manual, but theres hardly any load data for us using the very common Remington Premier STS hulls...out of approx 375 individual load data in this manual, there were only 13 that covered the Remington STS hull: Under all of their 12ga loads which there are nearly 250 of them, there were only 7 load data that covered the Remington STS hulls where by 4 was for the 7/8oz Lee Key-Drive slug and then 3 load data for the 1oz Lee Key-Drive slug. ...and then the manual totally skips all other gauges of shotgun loads whereby not containing any Remington STS hulls including none for the 20ga loads until getting down to the .410 where it then provides 6 load data for the 125gr slug which hardly anybody bothers reloading in comparison to the 12ga and 20ga hulls. The other problem with this manual is that it hardly covers any loads using the very common IMR Hi-Scor 800x powder and many of those were for .410 loads and not for the more commonly reloaded hulls as well as for the more common slug types The vast majority of loads in this manual are for those who use Federal, Rio, Fiocchi, and Cheddite hulls and the publishers of this manual could have easily gave potential buyers a heads-up on how this manual isnt really for the Remington STS hull reloaders out there...I mean come on, only 13 load data out nearly 365 load data that only provided loads for the Remington STS hulls? Can only hope they put some actual effort in their 7th edition of this manual for those who use Remington hulls.
- Country Folk, OH
Ketchup goes very well with so many delicious things. However, ketchup doesn't go very well with bananas. Some things just do not work together. The point here is that some components, even though they are "common," do not work well in certain physical combinations. We at BPI realize that it would be convenient to be able to load all the loads you want with the components that you find the most convenient to obtain or those that you already have. We get it. However, over the course of 45 years of laboratory development of shotshell loads, we have found that certain things just do not perform well when combined with each other. It is not the case that we have not attempted to put together a particular combination. Indeed, we try almost everything and test everything. Simply stated, many combinations do not work and they cannot be published. This is not due to a lack of effort; we have 45 years of effort and analysis going into this process. The results that are printed are because of science and a massive investment in the time to actually test the science. In this situation, and we write about this very extensively in most all of our manuals, the STS and AA hulls are purpose-built for target loads. The tapered interior of these hulls is like a funnel and that design is meant to generate pressures quickly with small amounts of high-energy powder with light target-style load capacities. This also saves money on powder for the big cartridge manufacturers. The intent of their designs can be recognized in the product offerings of the cartridge manufacturers. How many hunting and slug loads do you see Remington and Winchester produce with STS and AA hulls? The answer is a big ZERO. Like BPI, these manufacturers scientifically produce loads in their ballistic labs. They know that hunting and slug loads need space for space-consuming components and they need to generate pressures at a reduced rate, when compared to target loads. Therefore, the lab tests many combinations, even including the options that you suggest, but we sort out the data and combinations that work from those that do not work. To quote Scotty from Star Trek, "(We) cannot change the laws of physics!" Hunting and slug loads require straight-wall hulls and large interior capacities. It is also beneficial to have the option of a roll crimp with slug loads. Once-fired hulls limit all these possibilities. On 800-X: This is a relatively slow burn-rated powder, which, by the way, will be discontinued in the next year by its manufacturer. Most slug loads are not heavy enough to sustain a long burn. The result with 12ga slug loads are bloopers, inconsistency, and wide standard deviation. Other 20ga loads, because of the confined bore diameter, can and do utilize 800-X and slower powders. As bore diameters reduce, the powders generally used are slower in burn rate. We are constantly developing new data and new combinations and we always welcome new suggestions and congenial customer dialog. The bottom line is that you will achieve the best results by studying more of our manuals and building loads around performance, instead of building them around on-hand components. Ammo is still the least expensive part of the hunt. Your valuable hunting time is worth a commitment to high-quality, custom-made ammunition.
--BP Lab
Best edition of the Slug manual by far! 10/6/2015
I have the 3rd, 4th, and 5th editions of the Slug loading manual. All of them are great but the 6th is the best edition by far! Love the colored photos and how it shows and describes in detail every type of slug Ballistic Products offers and the tools to load them. Also liked the Slug loading instructional section in the book that features the Curmudgeon, er his hands! lol! That is very nice for the beginner slug loader. All in all a very nicely laid out manual. I give it 5 stars. Looking forward to the 7th edition.
- Andy Schneider, WI
Absolutely essential for modern slug loading 1/28/2012
This book has all the new modern slugs, roll crimp techniques, and explains the details on each slug type overshot cards, wads, etc. There is a wide variety of load data for all gauges in the book. The one complaint I had is that I couldnt find the two slugs I was looking for that are on the front cover picture; Barnes Expander and the old Sabot. The old Sabots have been discontinued. I ended up picking the Green Slug copper,non-lead. It was easy to load and they shoot great. Hits the same hole at 40 yards. Working on the LBC BluForce next.
- Glenn Garrison, AL