Small Bore Manual (24, 28, 32 & .410)

Small Bore Manual (24, 28, 32 & .410)
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Small Bore Manual 14th edition

Newly Revised, 116 pages, and in Full Color 

The world's most complete load guide specifically for small-bore shotgunners & reloaders. Everything in our extensive load library for 24ga, 28ga, 32ga, and .410 bore.

Non-toxic Data: With the addition of SpheroTungsten Shot (both Original-15 and Super Max-18 densities), we now have many innovative non-toxic loads for small bore shotguns. Highly lethal non-toxic loads can be created from steel, BPX Devastator, and SpheroTungsten shot for your small bore.

Details: Includes special chapters on loading the 28-gauge and the .410. In depth data section includes data for buckshot, lead shot, steel shot, Hevi-Shot, BPX-12 Shot, SpheroTungsten shot, and even slugs. Like other BP manuals, the data focus is on our proprietary components.

Filled with facts and figures, The Small Bore Manual will be an information asset to any shotgunner who owns a small bore shotgun, whether you handload or not.

  • Over 1,400 loads and 116 pages
  • Everything for 24ga, 28ga, 32ga, and .410 bore
  • Includes non-toxic data using SpheroTungsten Shot
  • Our entire data library for  24ga, 28ga, 32ga, and .410 bore
  • Also includes load data from Hodgdon
  • Product Type: Loading manual and application guide.
    Length: 116 pages, text and data sections.
    Details: Over 1,400 loads

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    Note: This data supersedes all previous published data.
    Printed in USA

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    "I have been using a (28 gauge ITX Original-10 Shot) load out of your Small Bore Manual... I have had remarkable success on pheasants. I'll kill about 40 a year with this load in a Ruger Red Label 28ga choked IMC and mod. I have a loss rate of probably less than 2%."
    - Charles Kager, Anacortes, WA


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    Small Bore Manual 7th Ed. 5/22/2017
    Good but limited regarding American hulls and powders. Winchester and Remington 28 gauge hulls with Alliant 20/28 is almost non-existent. Other than that it is a good manual for Cheddite and Fiocchi hulls
    A must have for small bore owners! 8/6/2014
    I own a Circuit Judge, which lends the gun to only perform as good as the ammo you stick in it 18.5 barrel and no chokes to be had. With this manual I was able to make different loads to fit my gun, which was desperately needed!! Without this knowledge I would be fumbling in the dark with different unknown outcomes from stock ammo. It also goes over enough powders/components to where youre not stuck if you cant find a particular component in this day and age. It turned my gun from a mystery of patterns, to me knowing EXACTLY what its gonna do and when!
    - Matthew Gehl, FL
    Perfect sub-gauge manual! 3/12/2014
    Superbly written and layed out in an easy to search and use manor. Easy for new reloaders to use. Many loads to choose from with a wide range of components.
    An Absolute Ripper! 7/13/2013
    Given the abundance of 12ga-centric reloading manuals, especially in Australia where reloading sub-gauges is a niche market, the Small Bore Manual is my go-to guide for all my 410 reloading needs.
    - Bat, INT
    Wish there was more roll crimp data in 410 7/13/2012
    With the popularity of the Judge and the Governor there is a lot more 410 shooting all of a sudden. Most handgunners wont have a 410 shotgun press hanging around, but it they roll crimp they really dont need a press at all. Also, new, uncrimped hulls are much more readily available than once fired 410 hulls, and getting a new hull to take a roll crimp is a heck of a lot easier than it is to get it to take a star crimp. I wish there was a bit more roll crimp data for the 410 in the manual. It would be nice if each load was tested with both types of crimps, or if that was actually done it would be nice if the book said it was tried and it would not work for one reason or another.
    - Rick, MA

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