Spin-N-Trim Hull Trimmer 12ga *** NEW! ***

Spin-N-Trim Hull Trimmer 12ga *** NEW! ***
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Detailed Description

Spin-N-Trim Hull Trimmer 12ga         

The tool that quickly & easily trims empty hulls.

We've seen many different versions over the years, but we can confidently say that ours is the most efficient trimmer we've ever seen.  We've simplified the action and designed this trimmer so that a spring does all the hard work of applying force between the blade and the hull. You can easily hold the Spin-N-Trim in one hand while you spin the hull with the other hand. It's really that easy.

Three-Second Instructions for 12ga:

1. The maximum cut depth is 1/2-inch. Adjust the stop nut and cut-depth bolt to your desired cut depth if you desire less than a 1/2-inch cut.

2. Release blade pressure on the thumb tab and insert empty hull over the tube bushing.

3. Allow the blade arm to apply pressure to the hull. Grasp the hull by the base and rotate the Spin-N-Trim around the hull.

That's all there is to it. A quick and easy adjustable trim of the hull is completed with just a quick spin. The Curmudgeon says, if you trim hulls, then this is your tool.

For 10ga 2-7/8" hulls:

Our ballistic lab tested 10ga 2-7/8" loads and successfully used the Spin-N-Trim to cut down Cheddite 10ga 3-1/2" hulls. It is important to keep the mouth of the hull pressed toward the front of the tool in order to avoid a spiral cut. It took us a couple tries, but it worked very well.


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WORKS FOR 10GA HULLS 4/28/2024
This tool is the ticket for quick and easy trimming of 3-1/2 inch hulls to the shorter 2-7/8 inch Short Ten length. I shoot more of the Short Ten than I do the Magnum Ten. This trimmer makes short work --pun intended-- of cutting my new R-P hulls to the 2-7/8 inch length. Buy with Confidence.
- Greg T, WY
Great Tool 11/20/2023
The Spin n Trim is very simple, accurate and simple to use. You will not regret getting one. Skullbone
- Mark Travis, TN
WORKS ON 10 GA 3/29/2023
The Spin-N-Trim Hull trimmer works very nicely for making my Short Ten 2-7/8 inch hulls from virgin R-P Magnum Ten 3-1/2 inch hulls. The only thing that I wish was better was the length of the set screw. Easily changed out with a trip to the friendly neighborhood hardware store. The blades are good for about 50 hulls. OBTW, it works well on 12GA as well.
- Greg T, WY
Excellent Trimmer 2/7/2023
Been meaning to do this review for some time now. Every time I trim a bunch of hulls I say yea do the review. Dollars well spent fast and easy to use. Once you get used to using it. Now I make short shells in any size I want. Thx BPI...
- Sivrajbm, MO
Great tool 1/22/2023
Works great. Speeds up cutting down shot shells to fit Old Winchester 1887 for oringal black powder rounds. Wished it had an adapter on rubber dowel to fit 20 gauge.
- Buck O. Billy, AL
Best bull trimmer ever 1/16/2023
Iíve used several different tools to trim hulls this by far is the fastest and easiest. Consistent clean cuts are very easy. All I wish is that they eventually offer them in other gauges
Great product 11/22/2022
I just got mine today and it works great on both plastic and paper hulls. Im especially happy with how it cuts paper hulls since I havent heard of anyone else using it for that. Im expecting this trimmer to serve me well and it will be put to good use trimming hundreds of paper and plastic hulls.
Joseph Harrion
Great after modification 12/30/2020
I bought this gadget to trim some 3 Cheditte shells with ratty case mouths down to 2 3/4. To my surprise the bolt was to short and would not adjust to the desired length. I had to go to the hardware store and get a 1/2 longer 6mm dai. by 1mm pitch bolt.After installation it worked perfectly. I do not know about other kinds of casings other than the Cheditte ones that I used it on.
- Harv, IL
16G? 12/29/2020
Are there other gauge available What about spare blades?
Rez 12/7/2020
Trimmer works great Adjuster screw is not long enough to cut 3 inch shells down to 2 3/4 . Only downfall
Perfect cut every time..... 11/29/2019
At first it didnt seem to cut very evenly until I realized that the screw head on the unit made it wobble a bit on the spent primer. After depriming the hulls first before trimming it cut perfectly every time. Now I have plenty of 2 1/2 inchers for an old smokepole....
- Bob Tamewitz, PA
It depends upon what hull is being used. Certain basewads react differently than others. You make a very good observation and we appreciate your kind comments!
--BP Lab
Great tool for old shotguns 10/16/2019
I use this all the time for short chambered shotguns. Nothing I have used before is this fast or easy to use. Great looking roll crimps after a clean cut. Highly recommend.
- Todd, MN
Spin-N-Trim Hull Trimmer 12ga 1/23/2019
Cut 500 hulls down to 2 1/2 with no problems. No bad cuts, spirals, etc. associated with other hull trimmers. Wish they made it in 16 ga or have parts so you can convert the 12 ga trimmer to 16 ga. They need to carry extra blades for this trimmer as it is unique.