Status of Steel manual, 21st ed.

Status of Steel manual, 21st ed.
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The Status of Steel Manual, 21st edition

2023: The new 21st edition contains dozens of new loads.

For over 42 years: The world's most complete steel shot handloading resource.

The latest edition of The Status of Steel lists BPI's entire steel shot load library, over 370 loads from 10ga to .410 bore. Loading steel shot is easy and entertaining with our step-by-step system. All you have to do is follow our easy-reading, instructional format. Soon you will be loading high-performance, custom-made ammunition designed for YOUR type and style of shooting. Join the Curmudgeon and decades of non-toxic loading experience. Our information and loading secrets are all you need to become more proficient at the art of shotshell reloading.

Status of Steel explores the physics and fundamentals of steel shot ballistics. We tell you what works and why it works. We also explain the ballistic advantages gained by using specific high-performance components and particular reloading tools and techniques. A complete how-to section describes tools and accessories and how to use them to maximize your performance and consistency.

Our latest edition has been expanded with new components and powders. We've also added an enlightening chapter that compares primers. We've included testing results that will clear up myths. We've also added the latest technical developments from our ballistic lab and many new loads for your favorite components.

Updated chapters detail the evolution of the modern high-performance shotshell; defining a link from roots of invention to modern applications. We thoroughly explain the logic behind the physics of steel shotshells, allowing the reader/handloader to better select optimal loads for their specific shooting conditions.

  • Detailed illustrated component summary section with clear, easy-to-follow descriptions, specifications, and recommendations.
  • Comprehensive subject index and component abbreviation guide makes The Status of Steel an easy-to-use reference manual. Truly, it is the only manual of its kind in the world.
  • Extensive load data library with all our steel loads for 10, 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410.

Product Type: Loading manual and application guide
Length:  138 pages.
Details: Over 370 lab-tested load recipes in steel shot.

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Printed in USA

Knowledgeable shotgunners are talking about The Status of Steel:

  • "The light shot load/high velocity theory was first introduced to me a few years ago when I read The Status of Steel. This book really made me think about what I had been shooting ducks with, and changed my thinking and attitude about steel."
    ~Scott E. Mayer, American Rifleman magazine
  • "I picked up a copy of The Status of Steel. I read every word in it and I found it very helpful. But what I enjoyed the best was the clear and often quite humorous writing. Whoever wrote that did one hell of a job. I tend to be the kind of guy who reads all the directions and I found this manual quite worthwhile while being wryly amusing at the same time. The author had a distinctive tone that stood out from other technical writing. I'd have to say it was the best instruction manual I've ever read."
    ~B. Brunner, Brooklyn Park, MN
  • "Status of Steel manuals have opened my eyes to the science and potential behind making steel a very effective payload. I have cleanly taken ducks and geese out to 50 yards. My friends have been amazed at the effectiveness and lethality of my loads."
    ~P. Groschel, Roy, WA
  • "I just received your catalog and the Status of Steel. I am very impressed with the time you have obviously committed to this information base."
    ~F. Meador, Oklahoma City, OK
  • "Ballistic Products' The Status of Steel must be one of the best reloading manuals on the market today!"
    - Derek Robinson, from Facebook

  • "Load i.d. 100802-2333 using #4 steel, thanks Status of Steel. Mallard at 40+ yards hit the water feet up "toast!"
    - Joe Glazer, from Facebook
  • "You will be pleased to know that the information gleaned from the Status of Steel and the Mighty Ten Gauge has been a catalyst in changing the waterfowl permit to include the 10 gauge for all species and the allowance of steel shot larger than #BB. BPI's wealth of information has been an edifying experience, to say the least ,and is now having an impact in 'Down Under'."
    ~Tim Lloyd, Queensland, Australia

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Steel shooters companion 2/3/2018
Great manual that focuses mainly on steel and a very small amount of other non-toxic shot. Also, great to have when you have a mixed collection of once fired hulls and you want to test different steel loads. Pattern for perfection.
Status of Steel 10/20/2017
If you plan on loading steel shot, this manual is a MUST. Very informative and detailed in every aspect of reloading steel shot. I like this manual and always refer back to it when trying a new steel shot load.
- Bryce, UT
Very good manual, however outdated on too many components 8/12/2016
Overall, a very good manual. However, many of the loads I wanted to use had one or more components that have been discontinued in 12-guage 2.75 hulls. I do look forward to the 18th edition & hope it is updated for powder & wads that are still available. BPI is my main reloading site & otherwise they do a wonderful job. Thank you. ...Pete
- Pete Moureaux, CA
Thanks for your comments, Pete. We let some of the discontinued components remain in some of our publications because we receive so much feedback from shooters around the world that might have this or that component remaining in their reloading inventory. We are, however, always in the process of creating new loads and we always listen to our customer base for ideas.
--BP Lab
Exactly what the Dr. ordered!! 11/4/2014
I was anticipating the arrival of the Status of Steel 15th edition and couldnt wait to read it and check out the load data. What I found inside answered all my questions and far exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you so much for the great loads and information on understanding steel shot reloading!
- Matthew Wyatt, OK
You Must Read This Manual 8/31/2014
This manual is packed full of useful information on the proper way to load steel shotshells. Even if you think you know everything about loading steel you should read this. Its well worth your while. A valuable investment.
- Ed Boyd-Kuppenbender, OR
Status of Steel 11/20/2012
OK novice to know it all before you load steel into a shell this is mandatory reading. I am a novice loader and had a veteran reloading buddy help me get started; I wish I would have just read this book before getting started, because we made a lot of the errors that this book warns you about. It isnt about saving money it is about effective hunting shells, even though the cost of making your own personnel ammo is greatly reduced the real savings is dead birds and fewer lost birds and clean up shots. I used to be the guy chasing cripples on the water burning a box of shells up on them now we are breaking cover to pick up dead birds.
- Joe Glazer, MN
High Seed Killing Loads 10/13/2012
I have the older edition of reloading steel, and for any reloader geting into reloading steel the key is speed, not high OZ payloads. I have been reloading steel for over 6 years and love my 3, 7/8oz, 1700+fps # 3s, get mica dust to help lube barrel less friction less weight = speed. I can hunt any duck on the coast, lakes, and rivers. I even took them to CO last year and was shooting Canadian Geese over decoys. When you hit a bird there is no 2nd guess it folds them. The guide asked where he can buy the loads, you cant, ended up giving him a box anyway. I would highly recommend getting several of the steel manuals, and find something that suites your need for killing more birds. Until you try a light fast steel load you dont know what you are missing, and guarantee you will throw away all the 1 1/8 oz, hulls away.

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