Steel Shot #1 Saturn Blend (25-pound bag)

Steel Shot #1 Saturn Blend  (25-pound bag)
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Detailed Description

Steel Shot #1 "Saturn" Blend (25-pound bag)

*Some of this shot has been found to have some pellets with rust. All product sold "as is" as a close-out.  All sales are final.

VALU-SHOT: Surplus components from a major U.S. cartridge manufacturer

You've seen this special Saturn-type shot with its identifiable ring around the pellet. It is made for this unbeatable duplex blend. The ringed shot is mixed with a lab-tested blend with annealed steel #BB spheres to create dense waterfowl patterns like a black cloud of shot.

Our Valu-Shot is packaged in bulk 25-pound bags. This shot is from the commercial U.S. shotshell manufacturing industry; surplus steel shot that meets or exceeds U.S. industry standards. See the photo above of an actual sample. Some pellets are zinc-plated and some are annealed (softened). All pellets were intended for high-quality steel shot loads. Pellets are made only of premium annealed steel, which is then polished to assure a soft and spherical steel pellet. 

Our Valu-Shot is taken from the finished rounds of a major U.S. cartridge manufacturer. These rounds have been broken down into components by another U.S. company. This shot is contained and sorted by size through a demilitarization process.


  • Contents: Polished and zinc-plated steel shot. "Waterfowl" blend of Saturn steel shot. (See actual random image of this shot above.)
  • De-Mil materials: This means that these components have been extracted from manufactured cartridges. The company that performs this action acknowledges that imperfections (e.g., slightly mixed but similar shot sizes can slip through the screening process) can and do exist in these components. This is why they are priced very aggressively. If you require tight specifications, please look at our specific departments for newly-manufactured components or call our sales department.
  • LOAD DATA: The Status of Steel is newly revised with almost 700 loads, from 10ga to .410. BPI's ballistic lab produces more high-performance steel shot data than anybody else on the planet. Period.

Shipping Discounts: Take advantage of our powerful outbound shipping discounts - especially at quantities of 200 lbs. and more. Just call our customer service team at 1-888-2-RELOAD.

Volume Pricing and bulk packaging is available for commerical and industrial use. For industrial ballast material purposes you may be interested in our low-cost alternative Cast Steel Shot.

Steel   approx. approx. approx. Pellet Pellet Pellet
Shot U.S. (inch) (MM) grains/ Count: Count: Count:
Part# Size Diameter Diameter pellet 3/4 oz. 7/8 oz. 1 oz.
#SHF #F .220" 5.59 11.22 29 34 39
#SHTT #TT .210" 5.33 9.51 35 40 46
#SHT  #T  .200" 5.08 8.41 39 46 52
#SHBBB #BBB .190" 4.83 7.29 45 53 60
#SHBB  #BB  .180" 4.57 5.99 55 64 73
#SHB #B  .170" 4.32 5.34 61 72 82
#SH1 #1 .160" 4.06 4.29 77 89 102
#SH2 #2 .150" 3.81 3.53 93 109 124
#SH3 #3 .140" 3.56 2.86 115 134 153
#SH4 #4 .130" 3.30 2.30 143 166 190
#SH5 #5 .120" 3.05 1.85 177 206 236
#SH6 #6 .110" 2.79 1.40 234 273 312
#SH7 #7 .100" 2.54 1.09 317 369 422