Stretch .410 full-length wad (250/bag)

Stretch .410 full-length wad (250/bag)
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Stretch .410 wad  (250/bag)  

Stretch .410 is an elongated shotcup with a very slight cushion section above the gas seal. This cushion section softens pressure spikes and allows for higher performance in .410 loads.

The Stretch wad accommodates fine shot and produces high velocity loads with consistently tight patterns.


Optimum range: 25-55 yards
Long-range .410 shooting


  • This wad is for lead shot and bismuth shot only (it will not protect bores when used with steel or tungsten shot)
  • Wad dims: 1.550" overall length, .398" diameter, .043" thick
  • Seal to cup bottom: .405"
  • Shotcup depth: 1.210"
  • See the Smallbore Manual for load data


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Size: .410 bore
Typical Loads: 7/16 to 5/8 oz lead 

Made in Italy

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Great wad for tight patterns 10/13/2022
I have used these in Fiocchi hulls and primers, and with the 3” hull, 1/2oz of shot, and 22 grains of H110 you get 1500 fps and great patterns. The stretch wad is the real deal. Add another grain of H110 and you get 1570 fps. The one thing that I really wish is that BPI would work up some equivalent loads using Federal or Winchester hs hulls with Fed 209 primers or Ched’s being that is mainly what I have, and that’s what they have available. I bought 2 boxes of Fiocchi from Midway only to break down and use the hull and primers and then add my powder, the stretch wad, and 6 1/2 nickel plated shot. This is a squirrel killing load out of a .410 with full choke. And I do have the small bore manual. Come on BPI and give us a little more flexibility to make some more of these awesome loads!!
- Michael Rogers, AR
Tight patterns 9/15/2016
I really like these wads. I use them in cheddite hulls and get a really tight pattern that works great for hunting. They produce a tighter pattern and I can take longer shots than with any other .410 wad I have tried.
- Hunter Johnston, NC
Long range is right! 8/6/2014
I use these to shoot clays in my Rossi Circuit Judge, which has no chokes, and 18,5 barrel, so all odds against it being a tight 410, killing my effective range. These changed that, now, clay pigeons only get away because of my aim, not my pattern or distance.
- Matthew Gehl, FL

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