Stump .410 cupless wad (250/bag)

Stump .410 cupless wad (250/bag)
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Stump .410 cupless wad

The Stump .410 is a shortened brush wad designed to enhance short range .410 patterns. Many shooters prefer loads for the small bores that do not pattern too tightly. Stump is perfect for this application as well as great loads for the "Judge" and other .410 handguns. (See our Small Bore Manual).

Since the range of a .410 is short at best, a load with a quick-developing and fringe-dense pattern is often just what is needed. The Stump .410 has a tiny cup that captures only a small amount of shot. This captured shot becomes the core center density while the remainder is the expanding ring of the pattern. In other words, this wad is a skeet shooter's dream.



  • Optimum range: 15-30 yards
  • Short range .410 shooting
  • Skeet patterns
  • "Over-choked" .410 shotguns
  • #10 shot and buckshot loads for .410 handguns


  • Wad dims: .649" overall length, .400" diameter, .050" thick
  • Seal to cup bottom: .390"
  • Shotcup depth: .270"
  • See the Smallbore Manual for load data for this wad

Made in Italy

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A great wad for 3/4 oz 410 loads 5/25/2018
As we all know, the little 410 bore is very finicky and tricky to reload. Hull volume and chamber pressures are two critical factors. Would you like a little advantage on the clays range? Try these in a 3 hull with 11/16 oz of shot and some H110. You can bump speeds over 1300 FPS. Check Curmudgeons small gauge manual for recipes..I think theyre great.
- F16FtrPlt, WY

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