TPS 20ga 2-3/4 unslit wad (250/bag)

TPS 20ga 2-3/4 unslit wad (250/bag)
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TPS 20ga 2-3/4" non-toxic shot wad unslit (250/bag)

TPS technology has finally arrived for your 20ga. The TPS 20ga is a full-length shot column designed specifically for the rigors of modern non-toxic shot, such as steel, ITX, and SpheroTungsten shot. The TPS 20ga allows for loads of almost any type of non-toxic shot for your modern 20ga shotgun.

Designed with bore-contact-reducing technology, similar to our BP12 wad. This feature reduces wad contact with the bore and increases lateral wall strength.

Maximum shot capacities of #7 shot sizes:

  • Steel =  363gr. (about 13/16 oz.)
  • SpheroTungsten Original-15 = 714 gr. (1-5/8 oz.)
  • SpheroTungsten Super Max-18 = 898 gr. (2 oz.)
  • Lead = 505 gr. (1.2 oz.)

Capacity will vary according to pellet size and these maximum weights will not necessarily yield the best or even feasible loads; only testing results will render that decision. Our lab is working on more data at this time. Mylar Wraps are recommended for SpheroTungsten loads.


  • Length = 1.729"
  • Depth = 1.495"
  • Gas seal diam. = 0.618"
  • Gas seal depth = 0.125"
  • Wall thickness at top = 0.040" 
  • Unslit (must be slit prior to loading)


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20ga TPS 2 3/4 Wad! 6/4/2020
Ive loaded some of these wads in 20ga with TSS and H.W. shot they do very well no complaints in fact they are a winner in my book!!