TPS .410 bore non-toxic wad preslit

TPS .410 bore non-toxic wad preslit
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TPS .410 non-toxic shot wad preslit (200/bag)

The world's first and only non-toxic .410 wad

The TPS .410 is a full-length shot column wad designed specifically for the rigors of modern non-toxic shot, like steel and tungsten shot. This is the only wad that will allow you to load almost any type of non-toxic shot for your modern .410 shotgun. Designed for magnum field loads, the TPS .410 is the grand result of over two years of development.

  • Length = 1.995"
  • Depth = 1.900"
  • Gas seal diam. = 0.407"
  • Gas seal depth = 0.051"
  • Wall thick. = 0.025" to 0.050"
  • Slits = Four slits

Wad capacity:

Maximum capacities of smaller shot sizes are 9/16 oz. and 3/8 oz. steel shot. Capacity will vary greatly according to pellet size and these maximum weights will not necessarily yield the best loads; only testing results will render that decision.

SpheroTungsten shot: The introduction of SpheroTungsten 15.0 and 18.0 has radically changed the capabilities of .410 shotshells:

  • SpheroTungsten 18.0 #9 = 353 gr. (13/16 oz.)
  • SpheroTungsten 18.0 #9 (with FC310 in base of wad) = 301 gr. (11/16 oz.)
  • SpheroTungsten 15.0 #7 = 279 gr. (5/8 oz.)

- CLICK: SpheroTungsten .410 load data -

MYLAR: Steel and tungsten shotshell pellets are as hard or harder than a shotgun's bore and barrels. Because these pellets are very hard, they are abrasive and can cause barrel damage if the shot protrudes through the wad slit or otherwise comes into direct contact with bore/barrel. NO wad or component can alter the reality of physics. Hard shotshell pellets can cause damage. As an insurance policy to reduce the chances of barrel damage due to abrasive pellets, Mylar Wraps are always very good idea. They may be added to any of the loads for the TPS 410.

Product Type: Wad, Multi-Metal capability.
Size: .410 bore
Load data: Status of Steel  and  
Small Bore Manual
Typical Loads:   .410 non-toxic and high-capacity field loads.
Made in USA

NOTE: No wad can completely eliminate the risk of scoring or abrasion. Pellet materials harder than your gun's barrel can still cause damage. However, the TPS .410 wad is molded in tough high density material and will provide maximum protection. Follow only tested and published load data. READ A LOADING MANUAL BEFORE YOU START TO LOAD.

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TPS 410 wad 11/15/2022
Best thing that ever happened for 410 shooters. #5 steel gets the job done on ducks. Wad is great in 3 or cut down for 2.5.
- Steve, WA
410 TPS wad 1/13/2022
Best thing that happened for 410. #5 steel kills ducks very nicely. Wad does what it is supposed to, protect barrel from hard shot. Good with HW 15 #7 also.
Steel 6s and ITX-10 #6s 10/5/2016
Protected my lead shot proofed .410s bore from steel 6s and even 4s. Worked great for ITX-10 6s, too. This wad is sized for the 3 shell, of course. Well worth it, to keep my small bores hunting in lead free areas. Ill be buying lots more. The TPS 28 gauge version is a winner, too.

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