TPS-47 12ga Multi-Metal wad (bag/250)

TPS-47 12ga Multi-Metal wad (bag/250)
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Detailed Description

TPS-47 Multi-Metal wad for 12ga


The TPS-47 is designed with our latest innovation: Seal-Slit Technology. Our 45-degree slit is self-sealing. This feature gives your ammunition one more level of bore security.

The TPS-47 is a cushioned version of our most popular non-toxic wads. It is specifically designed to handle larger volumes of non-toxic shot and a wide range of pellet materials: lead, steel, bismuth, BPX and SpheroTungsten. 

  • Overall length: 1.949"
  • Shotcup depth:  1.443"
  • Cushion section: .205"
  • Wall Thickness: .055"
  • Gas Seal: .736"

MAX SHOT VOLUMES (Will vary according to shot size used):

Steel: 455 gr.

Bismuth: 566 gr.

Lead: 565 gr. (1-1/2 oz.)

BPX-12: 695 gr.

Tungsten 15.0: 870 gr.

Tungsten 18.0: 1064 gr.

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