The Coyote Manual (Buckshot), 2nd ed.

The Coyote Manual (Buckshot), 2nd ed.
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The Coyote Manual, 2nd ed.
Every state in the U.S. now reports having this nasty rascal on the loose and into the prowl. From Mexico to Canada and everywhere in between, this feisty critter is seen roaming and causing problems. After picking the brains of many BPI coyote specialists, The Curmudgeon put together a working manual for numerous typical coyote hunts.
Coyotes differ widely by region and area in size, strength and disposition. After great research and weeks in the lab, the Curmudgeon knows what it takes to empower a shotshell to trim back the 'yote population. This manual covers the coyote in a straight forward and entertaining manner.
For more information on buckshot loads see The Buckshot Manual.

Product Type: Loading manual and application guide
Length:  26 pages.
Details: Over 235 lab-tested load recipes from 10ga to .410.
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Printed in USA

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limited data 1/25/2024
This would be a great manual except the majority of the 12 ga loads call for a vp65 wad which is not available. It would be better if this were updated with better components or even to add more commonly found components.
One Great Buckshot Manual! 5/22/2014
There is a lot of data packed into this small package!! You wont be disappointed...
- Bubba Rountree Outdoors, SC

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