The Mighty 10 Gauge

The Mighty 10 Gauge
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The Mighty Ten Gauge, 8th ed.
It's all about the 10 gauge.
Truly, the only informational loading guide of its kind on the planet. The Curmudgeon's classic has been updated for the 21st century. This latest volume is 8th generation of the Curmudgeon's original BPI classic.
The data has been hand-selected by the Curmudgeon and our ballistic staff. All of the loads include their expert comments and recommendations. The Mighty Ten Gauge consists of pure performance; all our best 10-gauge information and loading data. Big bore enthusiasts will find the data and information that they need in, fittingly, ten separate sections, including insight on the following topics:
  • The Mighty 10 Gauge, History and Development: This section describes the history and development of the 10 gauge, its place in history and in the field today. You might be surprised to know that the ten gauge was known mostly for versatility and as an excellent upland gun in the early 20th century. Perception of the 10 gauge has a lot to do with its evolution.

  • 10 Gauge Shotshells and Components: What they are, how they are made and how they work in a shotshell. To meet specific objectives that the guns are built for, 10 gauge ammunition is assembled using criteria completely different than any other gauge. This section will help you get the most out of your 10 gauge.

  • 10 Gauge Component Guide: This section is an overview and description of all the different components used for making 10 gauge ammunition.

10 Gauge Loading Guide and Data: 120 loads Exclusively 10 gauge load recipe/data section; all loads laboratory tested and field proven.

Product Type: Loading manual and application guide.

Length: 60 pages, 120 loads

Details: Includes short-chamber loads, lead, steel and other non-toxic shot.

Printed in USA

What others are saying about The Mighty Ten Gauge:"You will be pleased to know that the information gleaned from the Status of Steel and the Mighty Ten Gauge has been a catalyst in changing the waterfowl permit to include the 10 gauge for all species and the allowance of steel shot larger than #BB.  BPI's wealth of information has been an edifying experience, to say the least, and is now having an impact in Down Under."
~Tim Lloyd, Queensland, Australia 

"Many thanks for your publications.  The Mighty Ten Gauge is superb."
~B.C.J., Dyfed, Wales, UK.





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The mighty 10 ga manual 5/27/2020
This manual has some great information in it and does have few good loads in it but it only use two types of hulls one it would have been a lot better if it used all of the hulls out there and why would you order the one when you have a whole bunch of the other ones
Unfortunately, it is very difficult for our lab to obtain new hulls from Win and Rem for testing purposes. They won't sell hulls. Our lab must test what we are able to reliably obtain. We know that everybody out there has something different in their own reloading room, but we have to test what we can get our hands on! Thanks.
--BP Lab
Must reading for Maximum Shotgun Performance 12/21/2019
Ive been a customer of Ballistic Products since before the internet was in use by the public and for years have astounded my friends with what upper limits of shotgun performance is all about. That includes the 3 1/2 12 which cannot compete with the mighty 10 loaded to its full potential. When it comes to maximum performance from a shotgun, the 10 gauge has no peer. But, in order to realize that awesome power you must reload your own, factory offerings are pathetic. This manual is not about squib clay target loads, its THE definitive source of information on the upper reaches of shotgun performance. Here are a few tips from years of experience: Before you spring big bucks for exotic non-toxic shot, try the high speed steel loads in larger shot sizes. BBB and F for geese and 2s or 1s for ducks. These pretty much put you in league with the old lead days and youll need to be on top of your wing shooting game to get the most out of these. When it comes to lead shot, the 10 gauge really reaches the height of performance! For coyotes, #1 nickel plated lead or BBs are devastating! Also, to get the most out of your setup you should have the forcing cone lengthened on your shotgun barrels and purchase extended choke tubes optimized for the type and size of shot. Good luck and may you enjoy the same level of shotgun performance Ive enjoyed over the last 30 or so years.
Excellent loads, good diversity 3/23/2018
Several people have reviewed this manual both positive and negative reviews without even buying it... absolutely ridiculous. There are many useful lead and nontoxic loads. I was especially happy to see how many different powder options the manual provides for. For people interested in clay and upland loads, I suggest the selection of 2 7/8 inch Herco or HS6 loads. For waterfowl, the Alliant Steel loads look very promising and have great speed without excessive pressure. But there are probably 8 or 10 other powders, so you cant go wrong. For those of you who have cold feet, just go take a look at BPIs load of the week archive and see the free 10ga data. Im sure you will be convinced to buy the Mighty Ten Gauge, because the quality of the manual is even better than those loads and includes lead, steel, itx, buckshot, many different powders and wads, standard length and magnum, etc etc. The one thing I would really like to see is a few bismuth loads. Or can we substitute bismuth in the ITX-10 loads? Im not sure on that.
Holding off on purchasing The MIGHTY 10 Manual 2/15/2018
Like the review from Stu, thanks for the heads up. I would really like some loads with lead in the 1 1/8 oz and 1 1/4 ounce with #6 and #5 shot for 10 gauge. Sounds like its not there. BPI we need some mid to long range 10 gauge squirrel loads.
- Chet Foyle, SC
Chet, don't worry, they are working on them now in the lab.
--BP Lab
The Mighty 10 Gauge - good information but incomplete in some areas 2/12/2018
The 10 gauge manual contains a good selection of non-toxic shot loads. However, if you are looking for lead shot loads, especially for Federal hulls it is disappointing. For example, in 2 7/8 Federal hull, the heaviest load is only 1 oz. What happened to 1 1/4, 1 3/8 and 1 1/2 oz loads for the 2 7/8 Fed Hull. Even in the 3 1/2 hull lead shot loads for Fed Hulls are few in number, with no 1 1/2 oz loads.
- Stu Smith, WI
Like all our manuals, we are continuing data research on The Mighty Ten and will update with more lead loads and 2-7/8" loads. Since you purchased the manual, you will receive complimentary data updates when they are ready. The first batch of loads cover the widest swath of our customer demand, but we realize that our customers also want and need loads for their niche requirements. Therefore, we are always working on something new and exciting. 2-7/8" note: We have recently learned that Cheddite may be manufacturing cut-to-length 10ga 2-7/8" loads. If this happens, then many loads will be developed for this hull.
--BP Lab
10 gauge shooter 9/15/2016
I have 3 three 10 gauge shotguns that I reload for and would love to have this manual when it comes back into print.
- Duane, IN
Meeting and Making a Market 4/9/2016
Get this book back in print and DISTRIBUTE it through sporting goods outlets. Every retailer, every gunwriter, wants to find something unique to titilate the buyers fancy. This is a great little volume, a bit dated already, but it fills a definite need. Combined with the loadbook on the subguages, this one nicely rounds out the shotgunners wish-lists.
- Jerry, OR
Triple Ts Opinion 11/29/2012
If you want to read a book with some good information about the 10 gauge and some things you need to know when you reload shot shells this is the book. There were only somewhere around 100 different loads, all for 10ga, mostly 3-1/2in with Federal hulls and only 17 loads for steel shot. If you want a book with lots of load data, this is not the one you want.
TripleT NLR, Ar

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