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Thug Slug Deer Slayer 10/15/2020
I use all of these Thug Slugs for Deer, 12,20, and 410. Im use these because the deer fall where you shoot them. No tracking is needed
- Gerald Tomlin, TX
Thug slug sucess 9/2/2017
I used Unique powder and these slugs were very accurate at 50 yards. Easy to dial in with my Red dot.Ordering my next package to use this year during gun season.
- Alan Frost, OH
Fathers day gift 8/3/2014
Bought these for my dad for fathers day, firs off the slugs are good quality, the rio hulls, not so much, the hulls were not skived like advertised, prob not BP fault, after a few hiccups with crimping the hulls we got a bunch whipped up. got to try them today and i will say i am impressed, my dad put 3 slugs in the same spot, same hole actually, at 75yds and inch above center, this was easily a 100+ yard load, we plan on changing to a roll crimp for uniformity, Dad says he has his hunting load now, we plan to order more soon, BTW BP customer service is awesome thru the whole process.
- Dennis C, NY