Trulock Tactical Remington Rem Choke Style 12ga

Trulock Tactical Remington Rem Choke Style 12ga
Item Number: TACREM12SPL
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Detailed Description

Trulock Tactical Choke Remington 12ga

Trulock Chokes proudly introduces the ultimate multi-purpose tactical choke. The Trulock Tactical Choke was designed to give optimum performance with breaching rounds, buckshot and rifled slugs. This eliminates the need to change muzzle devices when alternating ammunition from breaching rounds to buckshot or rifled slugs.

The crenulated muzzle ensures positive grip when used as a stand off tool. More than just a breaching tool, this new design goes beyond a single purpose. The Trulock Tactical Choke produces improved downrange accuracy and performance for buckshot or rifled slug applications. Made from high strength alloy steel (150,000 PSI U.T.S.) with a matte black oxide finish to eliminate glare. It is knurled for easy installation or removal. The Trulock Tactical Choke is backed by our lifetime warranty and our 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

  • Made from high strength alloy steel
  • Knurled for easy installation and removal
  • Multi-purpose design

Don't forget the choke case 686CASE to secure your chokes.

Disclaimer: The Trulock Tactical Choke should not be used for breaching purposes unless the operator has received proper training and uses specific breaching ammunition!


Product Type: Choke
Size/Length: 12ga
Specs: High Strength Alloy Steel