Winchester Pattern Target 30 Clays

Winchester Pattern Target 30 Clays
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Winchester Pattern Target 30" Clays

The unique design of these specialized shotgun patterning targets gives you four additional 30" inch shadow circles for accurate pellet counts of off-center shots.

  • BIG 40" x 38" sheet
  • Better pattern targets give you better data from your pattern tests
  • Multiple concentric circles still produce reliable pellet counts from off-center shots.
  • Our lab has used these targets for field testing for over 30 years
  • Made in USA

Special pricing at only a dozen targets.

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Bigger than I thought:- 7/5/2017
Amazing target! Gave it 15 lee slugs, thanks to your mold. Roll crimper and overshot disks. All 15 hits in 12 inch group 80 yards smoothbore. Then got all 9 balls hit. #1 buck at 50yards. Cant wait to buy more. Didnt have a chance to test my rex 24 or L078 wad On it. Amazing as usual☆☆☆☆☆
- Mike, AZ

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