Law Enforcement / Military Shotshell Contracts

BPI is a supplier to ammunition manufacturers. Our specialty products and custom-made products are used in thousands if different law enforcement and military rounds. Manufacturers may take advantage of volume quotations on components and accessories at quantities of 100,000 or more.
Products from this program are only available in bulk and are FOB our warehouse. All Volume Terms & Conditions apply.
Products that apply to this program include, but are not limited to: our full line of injection-molded wads and gas seals, die-cut card wads, die-cut felt/cork wads, "Factory-Style" shell boxes, buffer powders, new primed hulls, lead and non-toxic shot, Mylar® & Teflon® wraps.
BPI can also produce custom molded products, custom die-cut parts, and custom shell boxes (with or without printing).

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