.070 Mini Nitro Card (500/bag)

.070 Mini Nitro Card (500/bag)
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#N7 Mini Nitro Card .070" (500/bag)

Nitro cards are used as a seal between the powder and the shot. They can be used in place of a plastic shotcup in fiber wad loads.

Most modern load designs use nitro card (reduced diameter) wads within a shotcup for managing space. They can also be placed over the powder and underneath the wad to push up the entire shot column. We've even used these .070" as overshot cards. They produce better crimps and serve as a valuable spacer.

Nitro card wads are constructed of a specialized material selected to withstand the tortures of slow-burning powders and heavy payloads.

(.070" X 0.788" diameter)

Product Type: Card Wad, .07" nitro card
Size: (*Select gauge)
Specifications:x .07" (industry tolerances apply, thickness can vary +/- .010" due to production variation and/or atmospheric conditions.
Typical Loads: Loads requiring filler wads, retro-style fiber wad loads, shotcup filler wads.

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Love them 6/30/2017
Perfect fit as 20 ga powder cards or for stacking. Plus seems as if it where made for the Lee key drive slug. Perfect fit in 12ga shot cup under slug or any load. Thank you ballistic products
- Michael, AZ

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