BP1251 "Thor" Multi-Metal wad for 12ga (bag/100)

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BP1251 "Thor" Multi-Metal wad for 12ga (bag/100)


The BP1251 is one of our more distinctive wad designs. A tough honeycomb cushion section and light volume shotcup make the BP1251 particularly well suited for today's modern nontoxic loads and tungsten shot materials. The BP1251 is specifically designed to handle smaller volumes of high-density non-toxic shot.

The BP1251 is classified as one of our Multi-Metal wads. It handles a wide range of pellet materials, including lead, steel, and bismuth. The BP1251 really opens up new avenues for loads with Hevi-Shot, BPX-12, and SpheroTungsten 15.0 and 18.0. The reduced capacity shotcup and angled wad slits of the BP1251 make it a superb wad for the densest types of shot. 


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Curmudgeon's Loading Tips:

MYLAR: Steel and tungsten pellets are abrasive and can cause barrel damage if the shot protrudes through the wad slit or otherwise comes into direct contact with bore/barrel. Add Mylar Wraps as an insurance policy in order to reduce the chances of barrel damage due to hard, abrasive pellets. Mylar (Mythin) may be trimmed and added to any of the loads for the BP1251.
[Link to Thin Mylar]


MAXIMUM CAPACITIES (varies by shot size):

1-1/4 oz lead loads (with slight overfill of shotcup)

11/16 oz (300 grains) steel shot

7/8 oz Bismuth shot

1 oz Hevi-Shot

1 oz BPX-12 shot

1-5/16 oz (575 grains) SpheroTungsten 15.0 "HW"

1-5/8 oz SpheroTunsten 18.0 "STSS Super Max"


The BP1251 wad features four "Seal-Slit" 45-degree angled slits set in .045" TPS resin.

*Overall length: 1.655"

*Shotcup depth:  .805"

*Cushion section: .645"

*Weight = 42.5 grains



  • Product Type: Wad, Multi-Metal capability with TPS material
  • Size: 12-gauge 
  • For straight-wall hulls
  • Typical Loads:   Non-toxic and reduced-volume field loads
  • Seal-Slit wad slitting technology

Made in USA