BPD10-Tuff non-toxic wad UNslit (100/bag)

BPD10-Tuff non-toxic wad UNslit (100/bag)
Item Number: 3221001US
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Detailed Description

BPI is proud to announce our latest advancement: TPS Slip Process Technology reduces resistance and enhances production flow. We are now manufacturing all our premium wads with TPS Slip Process. Unsurpassed operating range in extreme temperatures and military-spec toughness.

These advancements allow us to replace some of your old favorite wads, such as the Multi-Metal series, Tuff series, and Ranger-Plus with the latest in material technology. We are updating load data to accommodate this material change and you will be seeing many new loads very soon in manuals and Load of the Week. Certified for major manufacturers down to -25 F.

Discontinued Wad Conversion Wad
Part # GA Name   Part # GA Name Shot Type
#3221001 10 BPD10-Tuff Converting to: #3221000 10 BPD10 All Types
#3221001US 10 BPD10-Tuff Unslit Converting to: #3221000US 10 BPD10 Unslit All Types

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