BPGS 12ga gas seal (250/bag)

BPGS 12ga gas seal (250/bag)
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BPGS Gas Seal 12ga (250/bag)

The BPGS is one of our original U.S. Patented shotshell components. The BPGS was developed to provide a unique solution to the problems posed by slow-burn rate propellants; how to efficiently seal the gases and produce consistent high-performance loads. The BPGS has now been in service for over 40 years. Its longevity is testament to its effectiveness.

The BPGS is costly to produce because we still run it on the original mold. It doesn't run fast, but we still get great parts. We are looking at the possibility of a new mold for this product to increase production rates.

If you are looking for a less expensive gas seal, then check out the X12X Gas Seal.

Countless high performance loads and specialty ammunition manufacturers depend on the BPGS plastic gas seal. The distinctive BPGS design assists the powder to achieve a cyclic, complete burn with a net result of consistently higher velocities and fewer unburned grains of powder. BPGS gas seals are stackable and versatile enough to use in any type of hull with a huge assortment of load recipes. Most reloading books and powder company manuals list the BPGS for all kinds of different shotshell loading applications.

  • Load wide or convex side down; interior ring goes up
  • Dimensions: .725" x .279"
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    Product Type: Gas seal
    Size: 12-gauge
    Specifications: .725" x .279" (industry tolerances apply)
    Typical Loads: All types - see BPI loading manuals for load options.
    Volume/Bulk Pricing: Contact our customer service dept.

    Made in USA



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    Gas seals 2/3/2021
    These are one of the best gas seals I have used they are very amazing In buckshot loads!!!
    A Classic That Still Works 10/3/2020
    In my opinion this is the best gas seal to obtain. I use it in all my buckshot loads, its a gas seal that never lets me down.
    - Alan Ecle, Jr, GU

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