X12X Symmetrical Gas Seal (250/bag)

X12X Symmetrical Gas Seal (250/bag)
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X12X Symmetrical Gas Seal 12ga (250/bag)

The X12X is our best-selling gas seal. Our lab has yet to test another gas seal that more effectively and efficiently seals propellant gases. The X12X achieves highly efficient powder burn cycles, even the slowest of slow-burn-rate powders.

This gas seal is used by many high-specification cartridge manufacturers. The X12X is the primary wad in high-performance rounds, including law enforcement and military loads for all weather conditions. The X12X is symmetrical and this means that there is no need to orient it either up or down when loading. The X12X provides highly effective gas sealing with slow burn-rate as well as fast-burn-rate powders

Dimensions: .727" x .258"

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Product Type: Gas seal
Size: 12-gauge
Specifications: .727" x .272" (industry tolerances apply)
Typical Loads: All types - see BPI loading manuals for load options.
Volume/Bulk Pricing: Contact our customer service dept.

Made in USA by BPI

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The best gas seal ever made! 4/8/2020
I really like the FS12 but this x12x is simply amazing. I use it for slugs and buckshot all the time. Double pumpkin ball loads in a 2-3/4 hull would not be possible without this amazing hunk of plastic 🤘
- Michael Larremore, AZ

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