BPI Handy Ram 10-12ga

BPI Handy Ram 10-12ga
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BPI Handy Ram 10-12ga

A BPI Exclusive!

Made locally right here in MN, the HandyRam is the latest of the BPI specialty tools that are indispensable for your loading bench.

The Handy Ram has applications which are critical to many styles of reloading.  This tool was designed specifically for loading brass shotshells, and is also useful in slug, buckshot, and magnum loading.

The ergonomic handle is designed to fit snuggly into your palm and allows increased downward pressure to be applied.  The full shell diameter of the ram allows equal pressure to be applied around the entire circumference area of the wad.

The HandyRam is intended for use in 12ga applications to properly seat fiber wads, nitro cards and gas seals.  This tool is not designed to seat any plastic wadding with an integrated shotcup.

Brass Shotshells: Brass shotshell loading is a very unique loading style and can be difficult for beginners due to the lack of an applicable loading press.  Brass cartridges require the use of bulky black powders and overbore wadding.  Since fiber wadding does not obturate, it is necessary to apply significant amounts of wad pressure to fully compress the propellant and seat the wadding.  The HandyRam makes this process extremely simple. 

Additional information on loading brass shotshells can be found in The BPI Reloading Brass Shotshells manual.

Slugs, Buckshot, and Magnum Loads:

Slugs, buckshot, and magnum loads have two things in common.  They can be difficult to load on many press styles, and their recipes often utilize gas seals.  Gas seals, although an integral component to many loads, are often the bane of frustrated hand loaders.  If inserted improperly, they can twist and lodge sideways in the base of the hull.  Additionally the rammer tubes on most presses simply cannot reach far enough into the base of the hull to firmly seat the gas seal on top of the propellant.  The HandyRam  solves both of these issues.  The full hull diameter of the ram allows even pressure to be applied to the gas seal, preventing it from turning on its side while being seated.  The long independent shaft of the HandyRam allows the seals to be seated free of the restrictive movements of the press.

The HandyRam also can be used to tamp down slugs into the hull without damaging the projectile, as many rammer tubes will do.

Product Type: Essential shotshell loading tool/accessory.
Size: 5-1/2" long.
Usage: Fully compress the propellant and seats the wad.
Proudly Made in the USA

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