ShellShield Crimp Sealant (5 oz tube)

ShellShield Crimp Sealant (5 oz tube)
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BPI ShellShield Crimp Sealant (5 oz tube)

Our ballistic lab worked directly with the industry leader in ammunition weather-proofing to develop ShellShield crimp sealant.  If you shoot in any conditions that may include a chance of any type of precipitation or water splash, then you need ShellShield as part of your loading routine.

Specially designed for shotgun cartridges, ShellShield creates a moisture-proof barrier over the crimp. ShellShield is water-resistant and assists in buffer retention.

When applied correctly, ShellShield creates a moisture-proof barrier between shotshell components and the elements. Apply ShellShield over the top of a fold crimp on a finished cartridge. Only a small amount is required. Allow the sealant to air dry.


  • Specially designed for shotgun cartridges
  • BPI Shell Shield makes a moisture-proof barrier between shotshell components and the elements.
  • Shell Shield is water resistant and aids in buffer retention.
  • Each 5 oz tube will seal approximately 1000 crimps.
  • Made in USA 

STORAGE: Remember that ShellShield is a gap-filling adhesive. By design it is meant to congeal and harden. Therefore, to ensure additional uses from the tube, make sure that you wipe the mouth of the tube clean with a rag before reapplying the cap. Proper care and storage will help maintain the integrity and longevity of your purchase.

Product is effective within temperature range of -40 F to 150 F. Though it may get a little thicker in extreme temps, but it will not solidify.

RELOADING AND FIRING: If you intend to reload previously crimp-sealed hulls, there will be residual sealant remaining on the crimp. Remember, this formula is designed to adhere to the hull in all weather conditions. This is why it is important not to cover the entire crimp with sealant. The less sealant you use when sealing your loads, the less residual sealant will remain on the hull after firing. Carefully inspect your hulls and your shotgun's barrel for any accumulation of residue. Remember: less is more!

Laboratory testing has shown ShellShield to have nominal effects on both pressure and velocity. This product is not recommended for maximum-pressure loads.


  1. Use the wipe-on method.
  2. Apply only a small amount of sealant directly on the center of the crimp.
  3. With a circular motion, use a cloth or rag to evenly distribute the sealant, ensuring that any center gap is filled.
  4. It is not necessary to cover the entire top of the shell.
  5. Wipe away any excess material from the crimp.
  6. Allow the sealant to air dry. (This can vary according to amount used and your local weather conditions.) 

*Click on additional images to view full application instructions.

*Also see DryFire primer sealant for complete shotshell waterproofing.

Product Type: Crimp Sealant
Size: 5 ounce tube with resealable cap/applicator.
Shipping: Cannot be exported due to flammability and/or toxicity.
Made in USA

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Great stuff! 4/4/2022
This was my first try of your crimp sealant, and Im glad I ordered it! Very easy to work with, and cures quickly. Good job, guys.
- Mike Burcke, OK
Crimp Seal 3/21/2020
The product works great but the tube is a bit messy. I ended up squeezing the material into an 8oz resealable storage container and used a small brush to paint the sealant onto each shell. Worked well, less mess. Maybe it could be offered in a screw to container?
Makes A Good Waterproof Seal 7/1/2018
I load brass black powder shot shells for cowboy action shooting and use this to seal the over shot card in the shell. Cant always find water glass sodium silicate. This is a great substitute. Dries fast and makes a tight seal-kinda like rubber. It really IS waterproof!!! Hate the chemical smell but it goes away as it cures. Good Stuff!!!
- Tony D, PA

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