Cheddite 16ga 2-3/4 16mm brass, primed and skived (cs/2500)

Cheddite  16ga 2-3/4 16mm brass, primed and skived (cs/2500)
Item Number: 1391670C
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Will be shipped via: STANDARD GROUND

Detailed Description

Cheddite 16ga 2-3/4" new primed hull 16mm (2500/case) 

Current Stock Color: Blue or Green (select above)

  • Top Edge: Skived
  • Depth: 2.454"
  • Length: 2.724"
  • Brass: 16mm
  • Primer: Cheddite-209 (CX2000)
  • Headstamp: "16" and stars
  • Wall Thickness: 0.027"

If cartridge manufacturers do not produce their own hulls, then it is a good chance that they may be using Cheddite hulls. These are reliable straight-wall hulls. They are extremely versatile for almost all load types. They crimp easily, either with a fold or roll. Primed with the reliable CX2000 (known as the Cheddite-209 in the USA).

Crimping new hulls: Our Super Crown Crimp Starter will make your crimping easier with much more satisfying results. Improved crimps and more complete powder ignition will result.

Shipping primed hulls: Remember, new/primed hulls are your best value and there's never a Hazmat charge when you ship them via ground service in the contiguous U.S.

Load data: See data in these manuals: Sixteen Gauge Manual, Advantages Manual
Both lead & non-toxic loads can be found in these volumes.

Comparison Chart: 16ga 2-3/4" hulls
Part # Mfg. Gauge Length Specs Primer Depth
#RIO167016 Rio 16ga 2.743 red/unskived 16mm Rio 209 2.481
#1391670 Cheddite 16ga 2.724 blue/skived 16mm Ched-209 2.454
#1391671 Cheddite 16ga 2.724 red/skived 8mm Ched-209 2.454
#0641667 Fiocchi 16ga 2.725 blue/skived 16mm Fiocchi 616 2.417
#064166708 Fiocchi 16ga 2.725 red/skived 8mm Fiocchi 616 2.417
*Select an alternative if your first choice is out of stock.

Product Type: New and primed shotshell hulls
Load Data:
Sixteen Gauge Manual, Advantages Manual
16ga 2-3/4"
SHIPPING: Ammunition or hulls shipped by ground service do not require a HazMat fee. Any ammunition shipped by air service does require an Air HazMat fee. Our sales associates can help you with any questions.
WARNING: You must be 18 years or older to purchase ammunition. Always make sure you use the correct ammunition for your specific firearm. Check local laws for other regulations. ATTENTION: Residents of DE, DC, IL, MA, NY, and OH please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering any ammunition products.
Made in France

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