Clenzoil Hinge Pin Jelly

Clenzoil Hinge Pin Jelly
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Detailed Description

Clenzoil Hinge Pin Jelly (.25 oz jar)

Clenzoil specialized hinge pin jelly is unlike anything else on the market. With its unique product components and performance attributes, Clenzoil HPJ just may be the ideal product for any and every application where a heavier grease is needed, wanted or required with respect to any weapon type.

We love this product on our shotguns - especially for bad-weather shooting."
-The Staff


Customer comments:

"Great Product!  I wish I had tried it years ago. Now I know why the Curmudgeon relies on Clenzoil for his L.C. Smith. It doesn't smell like 'perfume'. It doesn't feel slimy and it's safe for antique and modern guns."

-Peter J., Mercer Island, WA

Product Type: Special hinge lubricant
Size: .25 ounce
Packaging: screw-top jar.
Made in USA

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