Dead Mule Recoil Reducer (Beretta A303)

Dead Mule Recoil Reducer (Beretta A303)
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Dead Mule Recoil Reducer (Beretta A303 model)       

Dead Mule is a mechanical energy absorption unit; it turns inertia onto itself and negates felt recoil. The recoil reduction system, a design comprised of two springs and a weight, negates up to 15% of felt recoil.

Dead Mule inserts into the space occupied by the stock bolt. Most applications are a drop-in installation - if the hole is standard sized (at least 7/8" diameter). You can check your shotgun by removing the two phillips screws that secure the recoil pad to the stock.

A simple and effective upgrade that we have been very pleased with, especially in late-afternoons of a full day of shooting.

See additional images for an image of an installed Dead Mule.

  • This model is designed specifically for Beretta 303 semi-automatic model shotguns.

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