Filler & Cushion wads occupy space below the pellets so that the load can be crimped properly. They are also commonly used in muzzleloading and brass hull applications.

Remember, different payloads and different pellet sizes occupy different volumes, so you will want an assortment of sizes on hand. 12 gauge fillers fit inside 10 gauge wads and 20 gauge fillers fit inside 12 gauge wads.

  • Felt wads: The highest quality cushion wad available. They provide maximum energy absorption and work well in shotshell (interior wad cushions) and muzzleloading applications.
  • Cork wads: A tremendous cushioning wad with rigidity. Holds up well to heavy shot columns. We like to use cork inside shotcups for shot height adjustments.
  • Hard Card wads: Work well underneath wads or as old-time gas seals.
  • Soft Fiber wads: Work well above plastic gas seals or inside deep shotcups.