*Note: This table reflects U.S. sizing and naming standards only. Shot manufactured in other parts of the world may vary.

Plated Lead Shot

The overall quality of lead shot is improved by the addition of a metal plating. The plating process hardens the pellet and this allows for better patterning performance. Plating also improves penetration capabilities of the pellet.

  • Nickel-plated shot consists of a double-plating process: It is plated first with a wash of copper (mainly for adhesion purposes) and then it is coating with a plating of nickel.  Nickel is less porous than copper or lead and it is a superior plating material because of its unparalleled penetration capabilities.
  • Copper-plated shot is a lighter plating process than that of nickel-plated shot. It generally consists of a copper wash process over a standard lead core.

Steel Shot

BPI offers three types of steel shot according to your preference and use. consists of nearly perfect spheres that are polished to exceed industry standards. The result of our demanding criteria is the best pellet you can buy; better patterns and deeper penetration.

  • Original Annealed Steel Shot: We polish our steel shot to exacting spherical standards. The steel is annealed for a dead soft quality.
  • Zinc-Plated Steel Shot: Zinc plating over steel nearly eliminates corrosion and greatly extends the shelf life of the product. We highly recommend zinc-plated steel in wet, salty or otherwise humid conditions.
  • Cast Steel Shot: Although it is called "Shot," this product is not intended to be utilized for shotshells. Cast steel is made of reclaimed steel and it is cast for industrial blasting and ballast purposes. If you need shot just for purposes of weight, then this is the most economical product for your needs.

ITX Shot

ITX Shot: A proprietary binding material blended with powdered tungsten & iron to produce two distinct non-toxic pellets:

  • ITX Original-10 - Manufactured to a target density of 10.0 grams/cc. Original-10 is hard enough to maintain superior patterning and penetration, yet softer than any barrel steel. Original-10 is ideal for any shooter concerned with shooting non-toxic through their barrels, including double-gun shooters and small-bore shooters.
  • ITX Extreme Turkey Trauma-13 - The latest addition to the ITX line. Manufactured to a target density of 13.0 grams/cc, significantly denser than lead. Increased concentration of tungsten makes EX-13 very hard and very dense; the ideal solution for long-range shooting and maximum lethality. This product is ideal for long-range lethality and for dense turkey loads.

Magnum & Chilled Lead Shot

Lead shot is classified by its antimony alloy content as either chilled or magnum. Antimony is the metal used to harden lead. Antimony is a brittle flaky, crystalline metal with a density of 6.7 grams/cc. Lead, when alloyed with antimony, becomes a harder pellet. As more antimony is added, the overall density of the pellet is slightly reduced.

  • Chilled Lead Shot is softer and slightly denser than Magnum lead shot. It is better for short-range applications. Chilled lead shot usually contains about 2-3% antimony.
  • Magnum Lead Shot is harder and slightly less dense than Chilled lead shot. Harder shot is more prone to retain its spherical shape during the firing sequence. Some shooters prefer Magnum's hardness advantage because it will likely pattern more predictably than softer shot. Magnum lead shot usually contains about 4-6% antimony, which is the hardening alloy.

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