GS2 12ga gas seal (250/bag)

GS2 12ga gas seal (250/bag)
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Detailed Description

GS2 Gas Seal 12ga (250/bag)

The 12 gauge GS2 Air Wedge is used as a spacer/gas seal in high-performance shotshells. It is popular with many of our military and law enforcement clients. At .322" thickness, this solid, reinforced platform provides a stable over-the-powder base for numerous types of loads.

LOADING: The GS2 should be loaded with the flat side down (over the powder). The spoke side (wagon wheel) is loaded up.

Available in 12-gauge only: .322" thick x .727" diameter

Part # Gas Seals Gauge Purpose Dims Bag/Cs Qty.
072X10X X10X 10ga Gas Seal 10ga multi-purpose seal .272" x .777" 250/5000
3221222 GS2 12ga Gas Seal 12ga multi-purpose seal .322" x .727" 250/5000
072HB12 HB12 12ga Washer Seal 12ga Washer Seal .525" x .727" 250/5000
072FS12 FS12 12ga Flex Seal 12ga Flex-Seal 12 .525" x .727" 250/5000
322X12X X12X 12ga Gas Seal 12ga multi-purpose seal .272" x .727" 250/5000
02012 Obturator Gas Seal  12ga multi-purpose seal .279" x .727" 250/5000
02016 Obturator Gas Seal  16ga multi-purpose seal .247" x .654" 250/5000
02020 Obturator Gas Seal  20ga multi-purpose seal .247" x .618" 250/5000
222PT20GS Low Profile Gas Seal 20ga multi-purpose seal .194" x .639" 250/5000

Product Type: Gas seal
Size: 12-gauge
Specifications: .727" x .322" (industry tolerances apply)
Typical Loads: All types - see BPI loading manuals for load options.
Volume/Bulk Pricing: Contact our customer service dept.
Made in USA

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