LBC 43mm 12ga wad unslit (250/bag)

LBC 43mm 12ga wad unslit (250/bag)
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LBC 43mm 12ga wad unslit (250/bag)       

  • Overall Length: 1.684"
  • Diameter: .725"
  • Wall Thickness: .057"
  • Shotcup Depth: 1.489"
  • Slits: None - must be slit at least 2x, 3/4-length before loading

The multiple sizes of the LBC wads create an ideal fit for numerous load combinations and pellet types. Patented rings around LBC shotcups work like rings on a piston inside an engine, creating an ideal seal with a shotgun bore that nets more consistent velocities and patterns. The LBC43 is a favorite full-length LBC wad for most 2-3/4" and 3" hunting loads. 

Because of their size and configuration, LBC wads are used in non-tapered, straight-walled hulls. These include: Fiocchi, Cheddite, Rio, Federal and current Remington SP. Mica wad lubricant, dusted on the outside of CSD wad, delivers the full potential and makes for easier loading. All LBC wads are unslit, ready for customized pattern control.

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Product Type: Wad
Size: 12-gauge, 2-3/4" to 3"
Specifications:  see above; industry tolerances apply


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Best wads for 2.75Ē duck loads 1/10/2022
Iíve tested a ton of different steel wads for 1 1/16 & 1 1/8oz 2.75Ē loads. Iíve settled on the lbc43 wad, GM hulls and steel powder. The other wads are either much higher pressure so lower top speed, the gas seals rupture or just plain donít pattern. The inexpensive lbc43 worked the best!
- Clinton Russell, ND
Great wad 10/2/2019
I loves these wads for steel 1 1/16-1 11/8 oz.#6-#2 They also make a great 1 oz. Steel BB load! I really love them for lead BB through 0 aught buck in 2 3/4 loads with cream of wheat buffer.
- Dave Wiley, NY
Very good 5/5/2018
I hunt ducks with them with an ounce and an eighth of shot number five to a number 2 shot

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