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Best Slug Ever 12/3/2020
I saw this slug tested on the TAOFLEDERMAUS website on YouTube. I was impressed and decided to try them myself. Got great accuracy from 50 yds out of my Mossberg Maveric 88 with a rifled barrel. 5o yd. shot during deer season put meat on the table. I couldnt be happier!
- Lawrence, IL
WOW 12/23/2017
I Wanted something that was easy to load and accurate! I could not be more happy this is the best slug Ive ever shot! Hits like a sledgehammer! And dead accurate out to a few hundred yards! This will always be my go to hunting round! From deer to coyote! In a 3 inch rio or 2-3/4 Fiocchi! Roll crimp
- Mike, AZ
Total devastation!! 1/1/2016
Last year I discovered these slugs after season was over and as my previous review states they are incredibly accurate in my Ultra Slug Hunter. I was able to shoot a deer with them this year and found them to be the most deveatating slug load Ive ever hunted with. The shot was in the base of the neck and exited the armpit on the opposite side, if I didnt know any better Id thought the deer had been shot with a high powered rifle due to the extreme trauma. For anyone looking for a super accurate slug thats easy to load and absolutely flattens deer then Id say this ones for you!
- Jeff Wilmath, MO
Fantastic Sabot Slugs!! 12/20/2014
Ive been wanting to try these LBC sabots and Longshot powder...WOW what a cannon! Im using 3.5 inch Fiocchi hulls that I cut to 3 inch using BPIs Trim Doctor because 3 inch hulls werent available. All of BPIs loads I tried gave great groups in my H&R Ultra Slug Hunter, but I settled on their load using a 3 inch Fiocchi hull roll crimped and 50 grains of Longshot powder, it shoots very tight groups and Im quite certain they will prove devastating in the deer woods. Products like these make slug loading easy and enjoyable! Try them you wont be disappointed!
- Jeff Wilmath, MO
Effective and economic 12/23/2013
I gave up buying Rem Coppersolids because it was costing me 3.50 a pull. I was a rifle and pistol reloader so I thought I would take a stab at these. The accuracy is consistent and tight for a slug. I took 4 deer this year with one being a 10 point buck. The 10 point was a 100 yard shot.
- Bevan, IA
Great All-Around Slug 11/12/2013
I loaded these with longshot powder, and they work great. They are very accurate in rifled barrels, but can also be good in smooth bores. This is by far my favorite slug by BPI.
- Thomas Condon, MN
great shooting slug 1/28/2013
I was using remington slugs but they were getting so expensive I had to make a change.I got the LBC bluforce slugs, didnt really know what to expect, I did a lot of research, and finally used a load with longshot powder. I am getting a 1.5 in groups at 50 yards and 2in at 100, wouldnt be afraid to shoot out to 150-200 yd range. I love these slugs. Easy load too.
- Travis, VA

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