RSS-12 Rigid Structure Sabot (only) 12ga (50/bag)

RSS-12 Rigid Structure Sabot (only) 12ga (50/bag)
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RSS-12 Rigid Structure Sabot 12ga (50/bag)

The RSS-12 utilizes .50 caliber Hornady 350-grain pistol bullets. The RSS-12 is our second phase in a long-term component development program. Sabots are highly dependent upon the bore and barrel environment of each individual shotgun barrel. As a result, lightweight sabots can be exquisitely accurate out of some barrels, but lacking accuracy in other types of barrels.

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*Load data for the RSS sabots is included in the Slug Manual.

Loading Notes and Warnings: All slug barrels are not created equal.  Some slug barrels are made in a very light and thin style and bore diameters can differ significantly.  If your slug barrel is thin (.040" - .060") at the muzzle or anywhere else (use a micrometer) it is recommended that you do not use that barrel with this component.  (For instance, a very strong Mossberg slug barrel recently measured boasts .110" thickness, almost three times the thickness of an imported lightweight slug barrel.)

In all RSS loads it is important to press the bullet down into the bottom of the RSS.  Do not assume the fold crimp process will accomplish this for you. The gas seal and sabot must be seated firmly upon the propellant.  Likewise the FS12 gas seal is a tight fit and must be pressed down firmly to make positive contact with the powder and expel excess air from the propellant chamber.

Product Type: Sabot (does not include bullet or projectile of any kind)
Size: 12-gauge, 2-3/4"
Specifications: Diameter: 0.712" Length: 1.195" Thickness: 0.140"

Typical Loads:
.50 cal 350-grain XTP bullet from Hornady.
Made in USA

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Good product for me 5/29/2020
Shooting Mossberg 500 3 shells with brush wad works well for me been prestressing the fingers shot very well and accurate
Has this been made in 20 gauge yet??? 12/13/2019
Has this been made in 20 gauge yet? If so where can I buy them from?
Second try great results 11/20/2019
I tried the grey version a couple years ago and had poor results. I saw a video recently where he was opening the sabot fully before reloading. I purchased Lee mold C501-440-RF. I did not size them or put on gas checks. I loaded 30gn of a surplus powder, 10B101, a 12 ga Flex-Seal, a .070 Mini Nitro Card, and then the fully opened grey sabot with the 440 gn bullet. My shotgun is a single shot Ultra Slug. At 25 yds the very round holes were almost if not touching. At 50 yds the holes were still very round and a horizontal line 2 in high and 2 in wide. At 100 yds the still round holes were a horizontal line, 4 in low, and 4 in wide. The vertical spread was about 1 in. These shots were fired from a bench where I rested my elbows. I purchased the blue sabots and had the same results. I had the chance to shoot at 100 yds and the 150 yds from a chair and a tripod. I fired 3 shots. First at 100 yds was 2 3/4 in low and 1 in right. The second shot at 150 yds was 18 in low and 3 in left. The third at 150 yds, was 17 1/2 in low and 3 in right. I cannot shoot any better with the $3 each shells.
Cant wait! 11/13/2018
Please make this in 20 Ga! There are very little options for .20 Ga... I would be buying these up...
10 Stars! ********** The Best Sabot Carrier! 10/14/2018
Please Ballistic Products! Do not stop making these! I see the reviews, but People Please Google Rss12 it will show proven data! . Ive never had a issue or blowout! From Lehigh Defense .500 bullets to .500 cutting Edge bullets! Ive shot .500 to .508 with no problem! There very rigid! 300 and 350 grain +! Work Better than Factory loads! Anyone can cast projectiles for this Carrier Also. Lee mold .500-360m is perfect and Puts dents in 1inch steel at 100 yards! Lead! Along with the 12ga Flex Seal. Perfection.. Amazing Sabot Carrier For The Shotshell Reloader! Thank You!
The best and cheapest way to load your own true 12ga sabot 5/25/2018
The rss12 sabot carrier is one of best things offered to us 12ga loaders. Along with your FS12 Gas Seal and Longshot powder = perfect sabot! I cast a Lee .500-360m bullet for these to save $ They fit like a glove with exceptional accuracy out to a few hundred yards. I dont see why so many others have issiues loading these or getting base blow outs!!? I load them twice!! Thanks again bpi
Disappointed 1/10/2018
I tried many combinations of nitro cards, gas seal, with .500 Hornady 350 gr XTP and Fiocci hulls and several recommended kinds of powder. They all shot terrible in my Remington rifles barrel. Dont waste your time if you own a Remington rifle barrel slug gun. My slug gun will shoot LBC Sabot or the Shuttlecock much better. It shoots the Remington Copper Solid the best but at 3 dollars a slug I was looking for a less expensive slug.
Dancing Bear
20 GA 12/16/2017
Really need to make these sabots in 20GA.
- John, MT
20 Gauge sabot 12/10/2017
Is there a logical explanation for why this product can not be manufactured by your source in 20 gauge? Many asking but dont see any reason.
Chris Bachman
It is not planned at this time due to the costs of the mold.
--BP Lab
Great Sabot! 9/9/2017
This is a great accurate load with Green Dot powder, Longshot is a second choice, also tried HS6 and a couple others but they lacked the accuracy in my Mossberg 500 w/rifled slug barrel. One key for accuracy that I found is to pre-stress the petals bend them open before loading. This seems to allow the sabot to release the bullet sooner and allow for down range accuracy rather than impacting the flight with a parachute.
- Skip Roggenbauer, SD
Disappointed 7/26/2016
Very poor results. I get better accuracy with a .690 round ball inside a standard target wad shot cup.
20 gauge 12/20/2015
PLEASE make these in 20ga! The 20 has ALWAYS been more accurate. I shoot 12 and 20. A sabot that goes .44 or .45 to 20ga would be a better seller than the 12.
20ga. 1/3/2015
Please make a 20 gauge version.
RSS 12 12/14/2014
Really really really need a 20ga version now
reply to below comment 12/8/2014
The foicchi hulls were from ballistic products already primed so fiocchi? I assume
- jim walker, IA
Works great 11/2/2014
Now make a 20 ga. ver.
Joe A
unable to get 11/1/2014
I would hope you would carry these in 20 ga...would get them...
- ernest irelan, IA
There are no options in 20 gauge with the exception of CCS. Those are very expensive. The Savage 220 is tailor made for reloading because factory ammo is so expensive. I, so wish, you would come out with this in 20 gauge.
rss-12 sabot 5/7/2014
a gentleman mentioned his load for this sabot.He told us about everything but he forgot to mention the primer he uses.385 rem corelokt bullet, fiochii hull 1/8 rubber disc,gas seal and 30 gr herco powder. But no primer???
Works good in a Rem 870 rifled barrel. 6/11/2013
I have been trying many loads in my 870 Rem with a fully rifled barrel. I make my own slugs and what ever, but these sabots work really well with a max ball muzzle loader 50 cal bullet I cast myself.They shoot around 3 inch group with open sights at 100 yards not bad for my eyes. You can cast a soft slug for deer and a hard one for bear.
If BPI sold them for 20GA I would buy a bunch of them but for whatever reason they do not stock them at all. I hunt deer in Indiana with a Savage 220f rifled shotgun. I would love to reload my own loads for the Remington ACCuTip. I will probably buy some of the 12 GA just to test them out for accuracy.
rss-12 sabot 11/26/2012
after a year of tinking around with it i have finally found a load that rivals hornadys for accuracy 385gr reminton core lokt with a 1/8 rubber disk that 1/2in dia then use bps 12ga flex seal thier bpgs works similarly in 2 3/4 fiocci hull and 30grains of herco NOW PLEASE MAKE A 20GA VERION!!! ps. if u dont use the rubber the bullet sinks into the sabot and seriously affects accuracy
- Jim Walker, IA

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