Thug Slug 12ga 1oz (25/pk)

Thug Slug 12ga 1oz (25/pk)
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 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Thug Slug 12ga 1oz (25/pak)
*NOT loaded ammunition  

The Thug Slug is our most advanced slug design to date. Over the course of over 40 years of lab and field testing, we've seen and shot countless slug designs. Nothing has performed like the Thug Slug.

Thug Slugs were named by one of the guys in our plant. His words were, "Thugs are flat-nosed, hard-hitting fighters." The name stuck. The guys in our ballistic lab are also crowing about the performance of the Thug Slug series because they satisfy all the critical criteria of a superior shotshell projectile:

  1. Hard-hitting performance in every size and weight.
  2. Precise accuracy from both rifled and smoothbore barrels.
  3. Loading ease with data utilizing roll and fold crimps.

There is a slug in this series for almost every type of slug shooter and slug-oriented game. The net result is what you've come to expect: tight target groupings and hard hitting, knock-down performance in both smoothbore and rifled barrels. The Thug Slug series is available in 12ga, 16ga, 20ga, 28ga, and .410 (36ga).


  • Unitized one-piece design.
  • Easy to load: Roll or Fold crimp.
  • Double-reinforced gas seal.
  • Quad-buckle self-adjusting cushion system.
  • Rifled ribbing engages rifling and reduces the friction of bore-contact.
  • Flat-nose design increases relative shock power and allows for easy loading.
  • Hollow-point design for maximum impact and rapid energy transfer.

Energy damping crush-sections absorb setback forces, enabling the projectile to stabilize earlier in the propulsion cycle. Successfully utilized used in both rifled and non-rifled shotguns.

Note on .410: Our ballistic lab has seen early success with this slug in many .410 handguns. We'll be developing more great loads with the LC .410 Thug Slug  for our  "Judgement" series of loads.

Load data: Current loading data is available in the Fifth Edition of the Slug Manual as well as our Thug Slug Brochure.

Product Type: Slug, lead, with molded plastic carrier
Size: 12-gauge 1 oz (368.8 grain lead slug + 55 grain carrier = 423.8 grains total)
Type: Flat-nose hollow-point lead

*Industry-accepted tolerances apply to all weights and measures.

When loading slug components with an inherent gas seal, the entire slug component must be nudged down with your reloading press' rammer tube. Many loaders complain that they don't have enough room for a crimp. This tells us that the reloader is NOT pushing down on the slug prior to crimping and thus not properly seating the slug on the powder. Depending on your loading tool, these loads may require a series of nudges to allow the powder to enter and fill the concave (cupped) plastic gas seal. If you don't do this, then you'll get the "no-fit" problem or a failed load when the powder refuses to fully ignite. Burned or punctured gas seals is almost always a result of this user error.

Made in Italy


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ThugSlug again 12/1/2023
1Dec23, Took another Deer this morning using 12g ThugSlug. Wanted to attach a photo but cant with this review portal. You should know that I have been using these for many seasons. Deer drop on the spot. You Dont need to search for them.
- Gerald Tomlin, TX
1 oz. thugslug 12/10/2022
use a ithaca single shot lever action 12 gauge mod choke, had thompson rear site and front sight installed on barrel. 4 shots at 60 yads in side of 2 inches. still have the the paper plate use bulleye powder ans herco use your hulls roll crimped
Thug slugs ROCK !! 11/8/2021
I did finely use my Thug Slug load on a Deer… Shot a 8 Pointer at 70 yards with the Old Remington 870 on 11-08-21 and it did a very good job… these things are tack drivers and hit like a sledgehammer…
Thug slugs are GOLDEN 10/9/2020
I bought a few just to try and make a lower recoil slug for deer hunting.... most spots I sit I wont shoot over 60yards..trying to duplicate the Fiocchi 1oz low recoil ammo... My experiment using the 1oz thug slug and some Clays powder paid off big time 4 shots at 50 yards is a 1.25 ragged hole maybe faster than the Fiocchi load and kicks about the same as a Remington Nitro 27 Trap load... cant wait to use this load deer hunting 2020 deer season in MN
- Adam B, MN
Bear/Boar/Deer stopper 9/4/2020
Drove over from Coon Rapids to the store to stock up. I loaded up 100 rounds for hunting in shotgun zone in Minnesota and for back-up shotgun while hunting in Georgia. Made two clean harvests using the Thug on Whitetails both within 25yards that gave through and through. My cousin used his Mossberg 590 12ga after his rifle suffered a broken firing pin to harvest a 396lb Black Bear at 37yards. Broke the on-side shoulder and exited last rib off-side. Georgia had us harvesting twelve feral hogs145lbs to 307lbs with twelve rounds. My old Army buddies were very impressed and asked if I had any spare rounds!!! Will stop down next week for more components.
- Mike s, MN
Great slugs 9/29/2019
I really enjoyed shooting Thug Slugs through my Mossberg shockwave it was a lot more accurate than I expected and a lot of fun
Unbelievable Accuracy 11/23/2018
I bought these for my back-up smooth bore Mossberg 500 for deer hunting. I have tried numerous slugs before both store bought and casted with not a great deal of success at 100 yard with the 500 or a Remington 870 smooth bore. The first time time I shot these at 100 yards my jaw about hit the ground. They were touching each other. This is with open sights and older eyes. It almost make me want to take it instead of my scoped rifled barrel shotgun. Absolutely easy as pie to put these together also.
I have taken several deer with these slugs, they have become the only ones I shoot. 24 gr.of Green Dot in a Cheddite hull gets the job done.
Best slug I ever seen 8/10/2018
THUG slugs are some of the easy slugs to hand load at 23.5 grains of Bullseye powder and a roll crimp later , I spend less time reloading these than I do do when I am pressing out rifle and pistol rounds, look great to in a RIO clear hull
- Bruce Davenport, OH
Thug Slug + Blue Dot 11/23/2014
Loaded 49 gr. blue dot into new/primed Fiocchi 12ga. 23/4 shells. 11/2 groups at 50 yds. through a Winchester Super X 1 smooth bore modified choke buck barrel. Scope at 4X. Pretty good push of recoil but not terrible.
- Ken Lemke, NY
Remarkable 7/27/2014
Ran up 9 test re-loads, in used Remington Slugger Hulls- ea with progressively more powder. Using an 181/2 bbl, Mossberg 590A1 off of a bench and shot bags. At 50 yds I was getting 2 1/2 groups- significantly tighter than I get with the factory Foster slugs. Held the same aim point and the groups walked up the target- today I loaded up the remaining 16 and plan to order more- if I can find powder...
John Diaz
Thug slug! 3/16/2014
I have been hand-loading the 1oz 12 ga. slugs using an old Lee Classic kit. The 25 & 50 yard 12 shot group 6 at each distance, off-hand using a Baikal cylinder bored side by side with 20 barrels had an extreme spread of 7&3/4 and if I ignore the two flyers flinches the spread was a trifle under 5! This will definitely be my woods set-up for deer hunting this fall. The only criticism I have is that the bores get loaded up with lead and plastic wad residue pretty quickly and then the accuracy falls off. I have yet to find a cleaner that will work quickly enough to allow me to continue to amuse myself at the range without mechanically scrubbing the bore in my shop.. Any suggestions?
- Jeremy King, VT

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