MEC Carousel Cover 300/400 Mini Capacity

MEC Carousel Cover 300/400 Mini Capacity
Item Number: 130700031
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MEC Carousel Cover 300/400 Mini Capacity

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Protect your MEC clay target machine and the clays in it with a custom carousel cover. The carousel cover is made from heavy duty vinyl for durability and has an easy slip on design to make covering your machine a breeze.

  • UV and mildew resistant
  • 18 oz. black vinyl coated polyester
  • Grommets at base of cover allow for secure attachment to the carousel
  • Made in the USA.
  • Available for the following MEC Clay Target Machine models:
    • 100E, 100ET (120700017)
    • 200E, 200ET, 300E Battue, 300 Defender Battue, 306XP Battue (120700011)
    • 300E, 300 Defender, 306XP (120700009)
    • 400E, 400 Defender, 408XP (120700008)
    • 300E Wobble, 400E Battue, 400 Defender Battue, 408XP Battue (120700010)
    • Mini, 70mm (120700031)
    • 611XP (120700038)

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