MEC Handle Grip #8400

MEC Handle Grip #8400
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MEC Handle Grip (#1308400) 

improved for 2021!

Larger surface area offers increased leverage for seating wads as well as a lot less wear on your hand.

Dimensions: 6" long by 1-1/2" in diameter. (This product was formerly made in wood. MEC replaced the wood grip with a new high-density plastic grip.)

  • Reduces downward pressure by 30%
  • Comfortable and smooth finish for reduced resistance
  • Increases leverage and freedom of downstroke
  • Attractive MEC logo on end of grip
  • Easy to replace handle grip
  • Includes MEC tip sheet

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Curmudgeon's Loading Tips:

The Universal Charge Bar is an alternative product that may save you money and storage space. Some people prefer using their bushings with original MEC Charge Bars, while others like the universal adjustability of the Universal Charge Bar

You can improve MEC performance with just a couple convenient accessories:

Better Crimps: When loading new/primed hulls, your crimps may not stay closed if you are using a standard plastic crimp starter. The Super Crown Crimp Starter is designed to put a lasting crimp memory into new plastic, essential for tight and functional crimps on new hulls. The Super Crown also provides better crimps on once-fired hulls too.

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A Big Improvement Over the Bicycle Grip 1/17/2020
IMO, a must have if you load a lot on the MEC 600. Worth every penny.
- Dan, MS
The cats meow! 9/17/2019
This is an excellent addition to a MEC 600. I have arthritic, worn out shoulders, arm joints and hands. Loading a batch of shot shells was followed by pain. This handle alleviates most of that. I followed a previous review and rounded the end before installing. You cannot find this product without a catalog and the number. Too bad it is not in parts.
- Old Soldier, NM
Almost perfect. 2/12/2018
Very happy I bought this for my 600 Jr. After using it for several months, rounded off the end of the handle, making it even more comfortable for me to use. Well worth the money, should be made standard on the 600 Jr.
John Butler
More Leverage 1/28/2012
I was dismayed with the stock handle of my MEC 600 Jr and Sizemaster due to lack of leverage when sizing. I installed these wooden handles and it made a lot of difference - A LOT!!. MEC should make these handles standard on ALL their machines. Makes reloading shells a real pleasure rather than a chore...thanks MEC and BP...
Jun Madrid
Best Upgrade For The Money! 5/25/2011
I have installed this Wooden Handle on all my single stage MEC Reloaders! Makes resizing easier! Easy on the hands!
- John Harley, NC

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