MEC Resize Ring for 600JR #8465 (select gauge)

MEC Resize Ring for 600JR #8465  (select gauge)
Item Number: 1308465
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Detailed Description

  • Required part for post-'85 Mark V reloaders, except the 10 gauge. Use part 130435 for the 10 ga reloaders
  • The resize ring is a wear item located on the depriming station of the MEC 600 Junior reloaders.
  • After repeated use, this part will wear and break or it may not fully resize hulls down to proper specs.
  • For best resizing performance, this part should be replaced every so often, depending upon your reloading volume.
  • If you are having trouble with resizing your hulls, you may want to use the MEC SuperSizer. This is a terrific alternative to the 600JR's resize ring.

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