HV28 Magnum 28ga wad (250/bag)

HV28 Magnum 28ga wad (250/bag)
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HV28 Magnum 28 wad (bag/250)

Only top components can deliver high performance from small bore shotguns. For many years, 28 gauge wads were designed only to handle 3/4 ounce loads. Those shooters who wanted to extend their loads to 7/8 or 1 ounce were forced to make do with target-style wads.

The Magnum 28 was developed specifically for field hunters looking to load 7/8 and 1 ounce lead shot loads in the 28 gauge. The cushion section has been reduced so the shotcup could be expanded. The deeper shotcup allows more shot to be contained inside, thus extending the useful range of the 28. This finally allows 28 gauge shooters to load a one/two combination where the first shot is a spreader or mid-range load, followed by a long-distance load.

We recommend high-speed loads using nickel-plated shot. For maximum range and dense pattern at range and killing power, the #6-1/2 or #7 nickel plated shot is optimum. For even larger load capacity, check out the TPS 28 wad, which will hold 450 grains of fine lead shot.

  • Certain load configurations require overfill of the Magnum 28 shotcup. See the Small Bore Manual for load details.
  • See "HV28" listed in our load data.


Size: 28ga 
Typical Loads: 7/8 oz lead to 1 oz lead 
Load Data: See our
Small Bore Manual
Made in Italy


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This wad works in 24 gauge too! 8/23/2022
I’m using this wad for 1oz 24 gauge loads, lil gun powder. I add 1 thin layer 24ga nitro card under the wad or pinch the gas seal section of the wad out with needle nose pliers until it’s a very tight fit in the hull. 1oz of shot and roll crimp. It works great!
Perfect wad to duplicate the Winchester 1 oz load. 7/29/2022
I use this wad in a Winchester HS hull, W209 primer, with 1 oz of 7.5 or 6 nickel plated lead shot and 23.0 grains of LilGun to give 1210 fps which matches the factory load. Its wonderful on pheasants and grouse.
- Joe, PA
Dove 6/13/2017
Reload 1 oz @1300 fps. Limit of doves usually with less than one box.28 ga does the trick.

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