TPS 28ga non-toxic shot wad preslit

TPS 28ga non-toxic shot wad preslit
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TPS 28ga non-toxic shot wad preslit (100/bag)

The TPS 28ga is a full-length shot column designed specifically for the rigors of modern non-toxic shot, like steel, BPX Devastator, SpheroTungsten, and Hevi-Shot. Finally, a wad that will allow you to load almost any type of non-toxic shot for your modern 28ga shotgun. Designed for magnum field loads, the TPS 28 is the grand result of over two years of development.

Maximum capacities of smaller shot sizes are 5/8 oz. steel shot, 3/4 oz. BPX Devastator, and 1 oz. SpheroTungsten. Capacity will vary greatly according to pellet size and these maximum weights will not necessarily yield the best loads; only testing results will render that decision.

  • Length = 1.770"
  • Depth = 1.632"
  • Gas seal diam. = 0.546"
  • Gas seal depth = 0.085"
  • Wall thick. = 0.025" to 0.055"
  • Slits = Four slits, 1.354" in length
  • Capacity = About 5/8 oz steel shot
MYLAR: Steel and tungsten shotshell pellets are as hard or harder than a shotgun's bore and barrels. Because these pellets are very hard, they are abrasive and can cause barrel damage if the shot protrudes through the wad slit or otherwise comes into direct contact with bore/barrel. NO wad or component can alter the reality of physics. Hard shotshell pellets can cause damage. As an insurance policy to reduce the chances of barrel damage due to abrasive pellets, Mylar Wraps are always very good idea. They may be added to any of the loads for the TPS 28.
[Link to Thin Mylar]

FILLER WADS: When loading tungsten and tungsten alloy shot, the TPS 28 may require filler wads in order to bring the shot up to proper crimping height (i.e., level with the top of the wad). We've found that the 1/2" Fiber Cushion wad in .430" (#FC430) is the best option for this wad. For example, a 7/8-oz. load of STSS-18 Super Max #9 shot will require about 1.5 FC430 fiber wads in the base of the shotcup. These fiber wads are easily split with a hobby knife.

Product Type: Wad, Multi-Metal capability.
Size: 28-gauge
Load data:
Status of Steel and Small Bore Manual
Typical Loads:   28ga non-toxic and high-capacity field loads.
Maximum Payload:
Maximum capacities of smaller shot sizes are 5/8 oz. steel shot, 3/4 oz. BPX Devastator, and 1 oz. SpheroTungsten.

NOTE: No wad can completely eliminate the risk of scoring or abrasion. Pellet materials harder than your gun's barrel can still cause damage. However, this wad is molded in high-density material and will provide maximum protection. Follow only tested and published load data. READ A LOADING MANUAL BEFORE YOU START TO LOAD.

Made in USA

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tss and bismuth duplex 9/20/2022
I got these to try a tss and bis load and it works great. 160 gr tss #8 and 260gr bis #3.5 gives 170 pellets at 40 yards I get 126 in 30 IC and Mod pushed with 25gr lilgun. There shouldnt be a duck or goose safe from the 28 now.
- Devin Wagner, SD
28gaTPS Wad 9/7/2018
One of the best wads Ive used in 28ga tough and thick shot cup protects barrel from non toxic shot excellent choice!
28 Guage TPS WADS 2/27/2018
Shot 28 Guage exclusively this year. Hevi shot, hw13 and hw15. We shoot ducks on average 2 times per week and I cannot remember but 1 time I was out shot in the blind. All other shothers shot 12 Guage 3 and 3 1/2. Excellent patterns with the TPS wad.
Great for steel shot 12/20/2016
Im using this wad to launch #4 steel in a lead proofed fixed-modified break barrel. No barrel damage and great patterns. In my Federal hulls, this wad holds a trifle more than 5/8oz. Wish a 3 inch version of this wad was available.
- California14er, CA
7/8 OZ Load 11/1/2011
I would like to see a 7/8oz load or 1oz load of ITX #6s for the 28ga with F.P.S. around 1360 to 1400. this would make the little gun more lethal at longer ranges
- Darrell Anderson, WA

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