Multi-Metal 12ga 3 preslit wad - Discontinued

Multi-Metal 12ga 3 preslit wad - Discontinued
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Detailed Description

BPI manufactures our entire line of premium wads with our proprietary TPS Slip Process™ technology. TPS Slip Process Technology reduces resistance and enhances production flow. Unsurpassed operating range in extreme temperatures and military-spec toughness. Certified for major manufacturers down to -25 F.

Our TPS™ series of wads evolved from our original family of Multi-Metal™ non-toxic wads.  TPS wads are manufactured from nearly identical molds as the original Multi-Metal wads, but are now made from materials that offer superior all-weather performance characteristics.  Our materials provide maximum efficiency in obturation, allowing for increased efficiency and more consistent shot-to-shot performance.

Like the wads themselves, our loading data has evolved and changed over the years. TPS and Multi-Metal wads are used for all of the same hunting applications,  but they do not share the same load formulas. Therefore, do not substitute TPS and Multi-Metal wads within a given recipe.

See the following link for free sample load data for the TPS series of wads.  Additional load data for the TPS wads can be found in the Advantages Manual 10th edition and other BP load manuals and brochures.

Click here for new load data

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