NOE .410 123gr HB Slug Mould 4-cav aluminum

NOE .410 123gr HB Slug Mould 4-cav aluminum
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NOE .410 123gr HB Slug Mould (4-cavity)

THE REST OF THE STOREY: Many of us fondly remember Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story.” In relation to this particular product, this is “The Rest of the Storey.” John Storey is a devoted slug loader and shooter from Slidell, Louisiana. John is a big fan of the Lyman Sabot Slugs and he designed a similar slug for the .410 and worked with Al Nelson at NOE to produce this particular mould. Mr. Storey credits Nelson’s “outstanding pin design” for being one of the best he’s ever worked with. Mr. Storey originally got the idea for this slug when he first started loading the Curmudgeon’s “BX410 Rifle Load Data.” It was his priority to work with an American manufacturer to fulfill the dream of this fantastic little slug.

We’ve greatly enjoyed working with Mr. Storey on this project. BPI’s mission over the past half century has been to improve shotshell ammunition in every corner of the planet and for every type of hunting. Mr. Storey’s .410 slug is another mission for us. We also like that his slug pairs beautifully with the BX410 – just like in Curmudgeon’s original .410 Rifle loads. Mr. Storey is an avid deer and boar hunter. He prefers slugs when it comes to shooting in heavy brush.

The load below is just the first steps for the ballistic lab. Mr. Storey prefers a slower load because of load stability. Ammunition and guns all react differently when it comes to internal ballistics. For that reason, we will test a variety of velocity options so that you can find what works best for you and your shooting.

NOE Bullet Moulds makes some very interesting products in Provo, Utah.  We've added them to our growing list of casting products, along with Marty's Moulds.

410-123-FN-BA6-62 is 4-cavity RG style aluminum mould that casts a hollow base bullet. This bullet resembles the diablo air gun pellet. A time-proven design that works well in this format.

4.7" x 2.5" x 2.5"

Safety is a shooter's number one priority, and use of this product is no different:

WARNINGS: While preheating all tools that will contact lead will assist in removing moisture; do not leave this mold on heated surfaces. With handles made from wood, it may char, catch fire, and burn.

Do NOT attempt to cool this product in water, as it will instantly turn to steam and spatter hot and molten metal risking injury to you or those around you.

REDUCING EXPOSURE: Lead contamination in the air, in dust, and on your skin is invisible. Keep children and pregnant women away during use and until cleanup is complete. Risk can be reduced - but not eliminated - with proper eye protection, heavy insulated or welding gloves, closed toed-shoes, long pants and long sleeves. Risk can also be reduced with strong ventilation; washing hands immediately after use of these products before eating or smoking; and careful cleaning of surfaces and floors with disposable wipes, after lead dust has had a chance to settle. Use a lead specific cleaner with EDTA, or hand soaps specifically designed to remove heavy metals.

WARNING: Melting lead and casting lead objects will expose you and others in the area to lead, which is known to cause birth defects, other reproductive harm and cancer. USE STRONG VENTILATION!

California Proposition 65 WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information:

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Most Devastating 410 Slug Yet 6/20/2023
The overall length, skirt dimensions, and skirt base of the slug are vastly different from the Russian 410 Sabots. This is a full bore slug, not a sabot and should be fired through cylinder bore or skeet choke. The diameter is .410, full bore. This aside, this is the most accurate and long range 410 slug I have ever shot. I have found a sweet spot using BPI’s load data with a reduction in powder to 17 grains. As another reviewer said the slugs come out to 140 grains not 123 grains. I think its comparable to a 30.30 under 100 yards. Ive had just as good results with this slug as I have had with my 30.30. If you cast and have the components that BPI listed and you want to kill medium/large game with a 410 this is one of the best choices, the accuracy exceeds all expectations. It’s an affordable way to supplement your rifle ammunition. Hats off to BPI, NOE, and Mr Storey for bringing us this slug.
Mike Bennett
Most accurate slug yet for me 4/6/2023
I had such good results with the Russian Svarog slug in .410 that I just had to try this one. So far, Ive only used this NOE slug with Winchester HS hulls but plan on using some loads this weekend but with Cheddite hulls. My NOE mold throws a 139-140 gr. slug so used a load of 15.5 gr. of Lil Gun instead of the 20 gr. load recommended with a 125 gr. slug. I had 3-shots touching at 50 yds. With 4-cavities, the amount of slugs cast in a single session is enough to last quite a while. The slugs drop out of this mold with only a little coaxing from my wooden chair leg persuader. Im sold! I used a Henry lever gun 24 barrel with the side gate that came drilled and tapped for a Weaver base. Topped it with a Bushnell Banner II 4X12. Used a Skeet choke tube from Briley. Next, will try it at 75 and 100 yds. Pretty remarkable accuracy from a smoothbore. I wouldnt have believed it had I not shot it myself. Oh, sized the slug to .411 using an NOE sizer and powder coated them. Velocities were averaging right around 1550 FPS. Dont blame anyone if you dont believe these results but try it for yourself and see.
- Calvin, ID
It takes a Thug! 2/21/2023
This slug may be the second best option in a .410bore shotgun for hunting middling game only to the Thug Slug as far as I know. Its cheaper to cast your own slugs by quite a bit though. Also it doesnt take much lead to cast this little killer. It is actually a good chunk of lead for southern deer or any big mean boar hog with a head shot. This slug through a cylinder,skeet or improved cylinder makes it possible to make a head shot within its various ranges fairly easy. It makes a very nice 50 yard carrying gun with your .410bore. If you cast definitely get this one. Slugs fall off the pins easily with the skirts design and excellent mold.
John Storey

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