Spin Doctor for large bore 10ga to 20ga

Spin Doctor for large bore 10ga to 20ga
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Spin Doctor for 10ga to 20ga

Prior to reloading, some hulls may require a little reshaping of the hull mouth. Some hulls retain a very strong crimp memory and will only partially open after being fired. Other times, dents or crimp creases limit a fresh, new crimp during the loading process. Sometimes you just need a fresh crimping surface - and that's what the Spin Doctor provides.

The Spin Doctor's special shape, when combined with heat generated by rotational friction, gently reconditions damaged hulls. The tool reshapes the crimp mouth by reforming the shrunken plastic mouth and smoothing rippled plastic. Fits in any standard hand drill or drill press.

The Spin Doctor saves the cost of hulls that would have otherwise been discarded; returns factory-sharp crimps.

Spin Doctor for Small Bore 20ga to .410

What reloaders are saying:

"I wanted to give a double 'thumbs-up' to the Spin Doctor. I recently bought one on a whim and it has made loading GM once-fired hulls a dream, eliminating waste."
-Russell Sewell, Bruno, MN

"I started roll crimping in 1970 using an old hand crank crimper on Federal paper hulls.  I started doing it again just recently due to the availability of straight wall hulls and it is something to do in my retirement. Your Spin Dr. and hull cutter are indispensable."

-Paul in AZ

Product Type: Loading tool
Size/Length: 10ga through 16ga (also available in small bore size)
Specs: Sturdy machined aluminum
Made in USA

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Works nicely to open case mouths 8/5/2019
I started using these to open Winchester 28 gauge HS hulls to be able to get the wads to pass through the wad guide and into the case. I now use them on 12 gauge roll crimped hulls to get a second and perhaps a third loading from a case, though I rarely go more than one. What I have found is that when I heat the case mouth with one spin doctor the case is too soft and returns to the deformed shape although larger. I have discovered that I can put a cold spin doctor into the warm case mouth and I end up with a perfectly round case mouth. You can move the cool one as fast as you can heat up another case, its that quick. So buy two, you wont regret the finished product.
- Joe L, PA

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